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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

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    Appreciate the brilliance that is the various 'Real Housewives' shows. Whether you love Vicky Gunvalson, Tamra Barney or NeNe Leakes that shit should go in here (so I stop flooding Britney's topic with it!)

    I'm an addict of the O.C. and Atlanta seasons but haven't bothered to watch any of NYC's shows yet. Apparantly the new New Jersey series isn't very good?

    In Housewives news it seems a series is being produced set in Washington, DC and they're currently scouting for women to feature in it. ALSO, Season 5 of O.C. and Season 2 of Atlanta have been confirmed. De-Shawn Snow has not been asked back for the 'Atlanta' series and is instead being replaced by singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss - maybe she'll be writing Kim a follow up hit to 'Tightrope'?!
  2. The only one I like is the Atlanta one. Ive tried watching the other ones but theres something about them that I dont find entertaining. But from the Atlanta one I love the way Nene, Shiree, and Kim interact with each other. They have the bitchiest and funniest things to say about one another. Nene owns the most though. PLOP.
  3. I started watching O.C. and have been hooked since it started but unfortunately there are probably a total of 100 people who watch it over here in the U.K. so it went from being shown on a big digital channel over here to being axed and now being shown on a really cheap budget channel that have only JUST shown season 3 of O.C. Luckily they've also just finished showing season one of Atlanta though too. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to watch Atlanta first but the sparks were too hard to deny. Every 10 minutes they'd be advertising the show and Nene and Kim kicking the shit out of one another so I had to give in and get addicted.

    NeNe (and in a twisted way Kim too) are the reasons to watch the show though. NeNe really keeps it interesting and I loved when she was singing like Kim in the limo!

    De-Shawn is nice enough but I'm so glad she won't be on the next season as she's boring as hell. She just sat there throughout the reunion and barely said 2 words, even when Sheree ('Who was this amazing person that had a fashion viewing with no fashion? How dreadful!') was bitching about her. You could hear crickets.
  4. I only know about this through Dlisted, is it worth investing my time in?
  5. It totally depends on what kind of show you like. If you like watching rich people living their 'real lives' (use the term loosely), bitch about one another and then have to confront one another at the reunions at the end of each season than it's totally worth it. I didn't think I'd like it at first but it's addictive trash TV, it really is:

    Real Housewives of Orange County season 4 reunion clip:

    Real Housewives of Atlanta season 1 reunion clips:

    It is really addictive though so I'll warn you now!
  6. I was in Flordia over Christmas and would have Bravo on constantly in the hotel. This was repeated endlessly. I ended up seeing the same episode about them going to a bloody vineyard to do some grape pressing about five times.

    The only housewife I can actually say I 'liked' is the one in green who seemed most like a human being. Gretchen I felt sorry for as the others picked on her. A tad hypocritical for the one in pink to call her a gold digger. Aren't they all gold diggers to a degree? Anyway, Gretchen's hubby doesn't seem to mind/care so it's none of their business.

    Don't know so much about the one in purple because she left, but she seemed less inclined to bitch endlessly.

    The one in blue is a proper cow though. Horrible woman! So self-centred, neurotic, insecure, malicious...I could go on.
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  7. The one in green Jeana is adorable. She's the only housewive (maybe apart from Quinn from season 3) that I can say is truly nice. At first I thought Gretchen was nice too but now that the season is over, her fiance has died and all the truth about her has come out it's pretty obvious she was playing a malicious game.She may have been looking after Jeff as he battled cancer but at the same time she was also screwing a boyfriend she claims is a stalker, then an ex, then a family friend. Vicki (the one in blue) is a nutjob but I can't help but adore her. At least she's driven, I'll give her that, it's just a shame she doesn't know when to take no for an answer, has no time for her family and has to be in control 24/7. She also really can not handle her alcohol, as seen in the amazing following sketch of her from PrettyOnTheOutside blog:


    I really don't know where the hell they find these women but as long as they keep finding them I don't care!
  8. The irony is, these women aren't "Real" housewives at all, just semi-nouveau riche trash. Aging, at that!

    Still love the OC tramps, though!
  9. Exactly, they're about as real as their boobs, but they make for damn good television.

    I find it hilarious how the OC women on the show seem to think leopard print is always in style and goes with anything, bad move.
  10. I dunno about the other Housewive series but I know that Sheree's house was foreclosed, and I think Nene's was too. Its funny DeShawn was the richest one yet she was the one not asked to return.
  11. Yeah. I read NeNe was kicked out of her house for failing to pay $1000 dollars for somethin' or somethin' *does Z snaps in the air*. Never knew about Sheree though, haha I guess She by Sheree was an even bigger fail than the televised launch for it.

    Also just read that Jeana (the nicest person who's been in all 4 seasons so far) will not be returning for Season 5 of 'O.C.', who's going to be the peacekeeper now?!
  12. Boo, Jeana and Vicky are my favorite Housewives. I only really watch the O.C, and have seen the 1st season of NYC.

    Now, TheDirty has confirmed the cast member is Jeana Keough. Surprisingly she isn't leaving on her own accord, but was given the boot by Bravo.

    Unfortunately, Jeana was a very likable character. She was the only one who knew how to put up with Vicki. And although she had her flaws, she certainly wasn't a bore to watch like other housewives who have received the axe.

    Jeana's exit is ultimately due to money. She and Bravo couldn't come to terms over contract negotiations. However, Jeana hasn't signed on for season five yet, perhaps there's hope that they will reach an agreement with a week!
  13. I'm really disappointed that Jeana's been axed, should have ditched Gretchen though I suppose they're looking forward to the guaranteed fireworks between Gremlin and Tamra/Vicki.

    I LOVE Vicki too but this is at the same time as despising her. She's so controlling, dominant and downright annoying that I can't help but love her. The way she tells everyone and anyone what to do is unbelievable and her 'WOOO-HOOOOOO's!' make me want to be her's sketch's of her and the other housewives, the Vicki ones in particular are hilarious and sooo true:

  14. I just found out the old man had died...was it Gretchen who was with him? I thought he was at least 80...but apparently he was only 50-something?
  15. Yep Jeff died in September or November or something, but it pretty much got overswept by all the dramz regarding Gretchen's lies about their relationship, court cases against Jay Photoglou and etc.
  16. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    They've started airing this over here like three times, but it always gets cancelled after a few episodes. Boo! I want to see this!

    Is now a good time to mention Jo de la Rosa's 'You Can't Control Me'?
  17. Yes! I wasn't sure at first but I actually love that song and bought the album a few weeks ago. I'm also currently watching 'Date My Ex: Jo And Slade', it's so strange so see someone's ex try to fix them up with other guys and live with her ex fiance.
  18. Jo's album FINALLY arrived today and I have to say it's actually pretty damn good. The vocals are really overproduced, especially on the ballads and there are a few too many appearances by Rent-a-Rappers that really don't need to be there, but other than that it's surprisingly good. The 2 Spanish tracks at the end are especially good as well as 'Seductively' which is one of my favourites from it.
  19. justabluefox

    justabluefox Guest

    These shows are very much a guilty pleasure. I can find the horribleness in each series and I can't stop watching! It's sad.

    I am glad that The Atlanta series will be back July 30th! The Orange County Housewives will always hold a special place in my heart though.
  20. I'm so excited for Atlanta's return I just wish it wasn't so difficult for anyone outside the U.S. to watch the shows. I found a Megavideo link to watch the first 6 episodes of O.C. Season 4 and had a binge on that this afternoon, I could watch Real Housewives all day, I really could. The only one I haven't invested my time into is New York, I just haven't.

    By the way, Jo De La Rosa's album is surprisingly amazing. Hilariously over the top on the autotune (particuarly on the ballads) but other than that I'm loving it.
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