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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Totally agree. I mean last season was only so amazing because one of the women's lives fell apart legally and personally during filming and it gave the rest of them little time for the rest of the cast to self-produce / prepare a storyline together.

    I'm completely expecting next season to reenter the doldrums of the past seasons, so if they manage to deliver anything I'll be very pleased.
  2. If the new wife is loaded already I doubt she costs much to hire.

    Someone only doing the show for fame and attention is a bitsy iconic.
  3. I'm pleasantly surprised they're getting ahead of casting by rolling out new blood now. There's no way we won't be at peak saturation point with Erika's storyline by about five episodes in, and the more women the less pronounced the Flop Force will be.
  4. I can't wait to stan Balkan-British queen Sanela. The ladies are gonna be rattled.
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  5. I think adding a new full-time cast member is very smart and a way that production is getting ahead of Erika and Rinna completing spoiling the show forever with their stale dynamics. Also, Kyle will hopefully ride all of the good will she is on right now and pull away from the Flops.
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  6. Yup, I'm fully expecting the show to fall back into the same stale patterns, driven by the same rotting core of the Flop Force Four. Erika's storyline has no real legs left on it and I can't see the cast going after her for any more blood, so there's no meat for a second course.

    If they had at least binned off Dorit and Rinna (or Erika) it would have given more confidence in some fresh dynamics and less chance of a reset. At least Garcelle and Sutton are full time and a larger cast mean it'll be harder to gang up and drive hunts against the desired targets.
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  7. The pro of this is we essentially have 10 cast members, which I believe is a Housewives record. Larger casts always make for better seasons.

    The con of this is if any air time is wasted on Lisa Rinna's children, personal life, businesses, thoughts feelings or existence.
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  8. A larger cast could potentially highlight how very little some of the cast actually bring to the table as there will be a fight for solo scenes and a fight to be noticed in the group. So this will hopefully be the death kneel to two or three wives who have long run their course. Of course I’ve been asking for said death kneel for about five years now, so…
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  9. I don’t understand why they’re not cutting Rinna. Pretty much all over social media people are constantly asking for her removal.
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  10. Producers loves her and Bravo aswell, based on that new book, she's seen as Kenya or Brandi, when she's nowhere near neither, they really have a distorted view of her.
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  11. It's weird that they're so gun-shy to make big casting changes in Beverly Hills when we've seen legitimate All Stars fired in other cities after giving way more than whatever Rinna was doing last year with her lips glued to Erika's ass.
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  12. A bigger cast is fine by me, the more the merrier. I wouldn't say it's a reflection of the show "re-entering its flop era" given that Diana has been filming since the first group event and Sheree's name has been in the air for two seasons already since she filmed with Garcelle; clearly this was always the plan for this season.

    RHOBH also previously had 10 official cast-members in season 3 - 7 diamond-holders and 3 official friends (Camille, Faye and Marisa Zanuck) and it didn't feel like storylines didn't get enough air-time.

    I think they'll focus on Dorit's break-in; pivot to Rinna losing Lois and possibly (although it's unlikely) her difficulties with Delilah; Erika's "new life" with her new business and dating - and that's just the 3 that people want off the show. Personally I'm interested in those stories.

    Kyle, Sutton, Garcelle and Crystal are the ones who will push any drama storylines forward; Kathy is the levity, and Diana and Sheree are wildcards since we don't know what they'll be like on the show.
  13. Agreed. Larger casts always make for iconic viewing, not the other way around. I've been saying for years that this is the way forward so I'm glad they're finally pivoting to a bigger group. I had a feeling this was gonna happen after Andy referenced season 7 of RHONY a few months back and recognised its what fans want.
  14. Miami having a cast of 7 and RHOBH having 10 gives me some hope that Bravo is actually making an effort to continue this new golden era of Housewives.
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  15. Miami has 9! The 6 mojito-holders and 3 friends. RHOA I think will have a similar roster (6 peaches, 2-3 friends) and as we're all speculating, I'm sure RHONY will make an effort to have at least 7 apples.
  16. Ready for the Garcelle - Sutton - Crystal - Sheree alliance. I am also secretly hoping Kyle to jump into the bandwagon and ditch Erika and Rinna. And yes, i dream a lot, i am a dreamer.
  17. The girls must be giving something to keep all 7 and add a full time HW.
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  18. I don't mind the bigger cast. I will never complain about that because I can't think of one show (not including Cheshire) that has suffered from having a large cast. I feel like it's obvious they don't want to rock the boat, but they'll have to start eventually phasing people out. They have a lot of long running HWs, which means big paychecks and you know their budget is already high from the glam and the trips.

    I feel like if Diana and Sheree are both a hit this season, they'll phase out Dorit, Erika or Rinna.
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  19. Glad Bravo continues to throw money at the worst franchise other than Dallas!
  20. [​IMG]
    9 was better than 8
    10 was better than 9
    11 was better than 10
    We are on some form of uphill trajectory
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