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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. The flop force whatever somehow always manages to lose, they are annoying, but it's hilarious how they always get it so wrong.
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  2. Goodbye Kyle!

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  3. My paralysis demon is the scene of everyone laughing at Erika's stupid-ass jokes while Garcelle and Sutton dissasociate.
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  4. Give us the sparknotes. I can’t read.
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  5. Kyle makes it so hard to love her lol. She’s upset Garcelle answered a very specific question, but has said nothing of Rinna and Erika stirring up the problems with Kathy? When it comes to her sisters, I’ll never understand her logic.
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  6. Kyle's entire history on that show is one of betrayal. It gets tiring.
  7. Kyle will do anything for this show.... apart from defend her own sisters.
  8. The Bravo producers asking Kyle what she's willing to do to stay on the show:
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  9. Kyle was just waiting to pull out Kim's secret during that first season. The minute the final party happened and she heard Kim had left... Kyle goes running "Don't let her leave!" She saw it was the last time she could create some drama and throw her sister under the bus.

  10. Her first direct glance at the camera... chills
    Calling Kyle's producer role into question... superb.
    That producer coming on and shouting at a woman in public... awful
    Of course it was this scene that led to her attempted downfall, and I love Lois just carrying on with her dinner on the other side of the table.
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  11. I really enjoyed Denise on the show, despite how distastefully she was treated.

    The other cast members seething resentment that they spent 18 hours in hair and makeup and wore some bizarre art installation to a backyard lunch only for Denise to smoke ‘em by simply turning up in a tshirt, jeans and a thrown back pony… phew! I could feel it burning through my tv screen - and it was delicious every time.
  12. Time for some tea:

    Denise was a terrible housewife. She had the advantage of being another victim of a gang up by the Flop Force Five, but otherwise she wasn't a particularly engaging housewife. Y'all can throw all the "I'm Denise Fucking Richards" & "Bravo Bravo Bravo" quotes at me, but she constantly disengaged from conflict and she wasn't particularly interesting. Outside of RHOBH, yes she's an icon, but if we're grading her housewives performance, she'd get a C.

    Her best contribution is bringing Garcelle onto the show.

  13. Denise is like a Kelly Rowland. She makes a decent deputy but she could never truly be in charge of the girls. She needed shepherding.
    I think it would’ve been interesting to see where a Dorit/Garcelle/Denise alliance could’ve gone given the dynamics of S10 but ultimately she wasn’t a huge loss.
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  14. Season 8 is such a god damn CHORE. I’ve already started skipping episodes. The fact that I went in expecting to hate Teddi but still wasn’t prepared for how much she would shit me.

    Kyle is in potentially the worst form of the franchise so far. LVP storming out of dinner and getting in the car leaving Dorito and Koil both open mouthed was a bitsy iconic. I would have ran if Kyle started that shit too. It’s beyond.
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  15. Season 8 isn't even the worst of Deceaseddi so be prepared to hate her even more!
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  16. The pathetic crying over the most pointless shit.

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  18. I mean...Denise Richards is Denise Richards, so really, she doesn't need to do much but I'll still adore her for being an icon of my generation.
  19. The way it took me 20 minutes of staring at this to finally notice the Bottom Beverly flops.
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