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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Honestly, I think she’s just being honest and living her truth.
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  2. Sutton’s deadpan Georgian delivery really breaks up the LA girl monotony of this show. Same could be said for Erika’s Southern drawl and cackle. And Child of the World’s pick-n-mix inflections before she simmered that down.

    There’s something special about Sutton’s delivery in particular though. Probably that I’m partial to deadpan humour… Also I love that Kyle is doing her best “serious actress” work and Sutton gives her nothing. One of the reasons I enjoyed Denise so much. For me it’s so much more interesting watching these cast members be themselves than watching a fully orchestrated drama.
  3. The flops found without an invitation
  4. Yes, my team! The dream team!
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  5. The taglines are here, and Dorit's made me gasp:

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  6. Kyle extending her world record of Most Amount of Shit Taglines with 12. Not many can say that.
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  7. Half are fucking dreadful, not Garcelle or Sutton's though
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  8. Those taglines are tragic
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  9. Has Kyle ever had a good tagline?
  10. Why didn't Kyle start hers with "In this town..." so we could at least have a kii about it? She really doesn't know how to feed the gays.
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  11. Kyle's is so beige and nothing-y. Just like Kyle! Sutton's is really the only solid one.

    Maybe I'll stan Diane's if she ends up actually being a willain.
  12. Not Crystal stealing Kim's sister goddamn tagline!!!
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  13. This are all different shades of shit. I cackled at Garcelle’s though, she’s great.
  14. They’re ALL awful and just rehashes of better taglines. On brand for RHOBH though.
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  15. Rinna’s is great, but this thread isn’t ready for that conversation!

  16. I actually enjoy it, but the delivery of it could easily end up haunting me in my sleep. We shall see.
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  17. Kyle not giving a nod to Halloween like: “These girls are going to have a harder time sticking a knife in my back than you know who [wink]” is such a missed opportunity.
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  18. "If you come for me, I will hit you in the head with a bag of bricks!"
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  19. Oh my god. Swipe through these for a scream.
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