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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Yeah, I also believe Dorit. Even if all those scenes felt like they were shot months after the fact nn.

    Sutton fully leaning into Ramona levels of insensitive was perfect as well.
  2. The Child of The World Hive assembling after everyone wanted her demoted post-reunion

  3. The conspiracy theory about the Dorit robbery is weird and gross, actually. And all because she’s not a Garcelle ally, really.
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  4. A false equivalence if I've ever seen one. It's because it happened within days/hours of news breaking she was likely to be demoted at the start of filming.
  5. This....has literally nothing to do with it, especially considering the two of them are all good now as shown in the premiere? I understand how the conspiracy theories can be seen as insensitive but surely it has more to do with the fact that PK and Dorit are legitimate scammers/fraudsters than anything else. At the end of the day, this is housewives - a platform on which we've seen people faking cancer for sympathy/a storyline so I don't think it's unfair for people to be skeptical of...literally anything at this point.
  6. maybe the robber was a child of the world and wanted to save dorito from being demoted
  7. News? Are you sure you don’t mean some random twitter account?
  8. The truth is if this happened to Sutton or someone otherwise more popular with the fanbase the reaction online would have been completely different.

    Just imagine if this had happened to Rinna.
  9. I've made some notes -
    • I adore Crystal and Sutton's growing friendship, it feels natural, like Garcelle and Sutton's does.
    • Binna and Shitika do not listen to the audience reactions, and I respect them for that (and Binna's first confessional look is a rare toot).
    • Kyøle doing her best acting, and Sutton not playing up to it, I haven't seen a cringier scene in an age, and I devoured it. Bless Sutton, they'll be dragging that moment to the Reunion and back.
    "I wasn't held at gunpoint, I'm sorry!"
    • Shitika talking to that producer like shit is not the tea.
    • Garcelle's "Oh Ok's" are so wonderfully loaded. She is just the moment.
    • Foęnix and Jåggęr are the cutest.
    • I do not believe the conspiracy, Dorito is not that good an actress, but these things clear debts, so theorists are going to theory.
    • When is Daddy Maurice going to leave Kyle and just fuck me forever.
  10. The Kemsleys are the first family of Bravo and I totally believe them.
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  11. Dorit's life makes no sense and for years the details have been questioned online by fans. Unfairly, I agree. But the fact so many viewers immediately wondered if this robbery was an inside job is a good indicator that fundamentally, she isn't trusted by a lot of people. That it happened when rumours of a demotion were flying around online is unfortunate timing.
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  12. The rumours came from Tamara as well. Yes her sources are hit and miss these days but she was 100% spot on with her Atlanta casting tea this year.
  13. SUTTON!!!! I don’t remember the last time I howled with laughter at a tv show as much as I did when she made the gun-to-the-head comment.

    I do feel awful for Dorit. The phone moment on the porch in particular was hard to watch.
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  14. Can't stop thinking about Scamrika's joker face.
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  15. New imperial phase confirmed!

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  16. Uno


    That's impressive & surprising considering I haven't seen any promo for it anywhere. I had literally forgotten it was on yesterday - luckily for me I had it auto-recording.
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  17. “This is it, this is how I’m gonna die” - Me suffering through that first Rinna and Erika scene
  18. [​IMG]
  19. Upon further review I think I've figured out what the people who broke into Dorit's house were really after
  20. Kyle saying PK cried when he heard her voice had me thinking… I also cry whenever I hear Kyle’s voice.

    Also, Kyle was giving Michael Myers boiler suit in that fake crying scene where Sutton ate her up.
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