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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

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  2. Dorit’s full step by step reenactment, even getting out of her chair… that’s camp.
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  3. The fact Kyle couldn't do anything as she knows she spent last season throwing Sutton under the bus... the editors including that shot of her looking shady at Kathy's dinner as Shitika was yelling, they deserve a raise.
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  4. This season is going to be fantastic, isn't it?

    Gat'DAMMIT at The Beverly Hags getting a rennaissance while RHONY remains dead, dessicated and decayed! I have no option but to sell out and stan.
  5. Get her Sutton.

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  6. We love to see it...
    Binna's gaslighting voice goes through me
  7. I'm under a minute in - "This is it. This is how I'm going to die" -> brief title card -> hard cut to blaring tropi-house stadium EDM beats...

    I cannot!
  8. Why is Sutton on fire this season?! I’m screaming at the promo lol! My queen came to play!
  9. My future sugar daddy Mauricio had the moment of the night when he was cutting the cheese while Dorit talked about having a gun to her HEAD!
  10. I haven’t seen the premiere cause I’m preparing my Bangkok (cause I’m a child of the WORLD) trip but I came in here to post this…

    S C R E A M
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  11. After watching the premiere I'm not buying the "they staged it to save Dorit's diamond" - we saw a solo scene of Dorit and her kids (when Garcelle called her) the day the robbery happened, why would production kick off the season filming solo scenes of someone who wasn't intended to be full time?

    As someone else said in this thread, given the emphasis they put on the kids being in the house, and Dorit's determination to not wake them during the ordeal, I just don't believe they would risk their kids being traumatised. Actually, after letting the premiere sink in, I think any suggestion that they staged this is disgusting.
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  12. I don't believe Dorit staged it and I never did, but I do find it interesting that there's a level of distrust with Dorit that makes people think she's capable of staging it. PK as well. Let's not forget the last time there was a break-in, fans accused Dorit of faking it for insurance, only for the thieves to be caught and her handbags recovered.
  13. I'm still so traumatised over the ultraflop of Season 13.
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  14. *Rinna cackle/squawk* HUNNI!

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  15. [​IMG]
  16. I laughed at the jokes but didn't ever commit to the idea that the home invasion was faked, and that last scene with Dorit sitting outside by herself is making me think it was genuine.

    Sure you can act paranoid and terrorised, but the scared little girl voice "Find it! Find the phone!" to nobody in particular while fiddling with things in her lap... even incredible actors would struggle to lose all self consciousness and portray that level of vulnerability.
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  17. I never thought it was faked either. There may have been some discussion about demoting Dorit with producers, however these are the same lot that were hesitant to fire Teddi, one of the most soul sucking and universally hated Housewives ever. Also, there are much easier ways to go about creating a storyline, look at Melissa and Joe. Even watching WWHL you can see Dorit is a shell of herself and I think she’ll be like that throughout the season, which is unfortunate and also hard to pull off if it was faked.
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  18. I do think that Dorit will be reduced after this season. She's not mentioned in any of the teases of drama for the season, and I think she was probably still (rightly) shellshocked for most of it. If she still wants to do the show she can show up to events or trips to show her fashions but I think this may be her swan song.
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