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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Agreed, I feel like her story arc is coming to an end. She's became a bit of a background character now and is a former shell of what she was capable of on her first two seasons.
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  2. The scene between Garcelle and Erika; I know Garcelle smells a rat. Sutton really found her way into almost every scene, I know she's feeling her oats this season.
  3. Sutton's explanation of why she doesn't need a man with money unlike Erika is exactly why she should give no fucks with the feelings of the more diabolical women on this show - if she ends up isolating herself to the point where she's off the show (worst case scenario), she's rich enough that missing Bravo's lil checks isn't going to impact her life at all.
  4. The way Binna's suggestion and relationship to Sutton, Garcelle and Denise is what brought them on the show only for her to turn on them and create flop force. She could have replaced Koil as center diamond and ushered in a new cast....ddd.. who am I kidding she's far too diabolical to ever be center diamond. Remember those early years when she "played" the villain so well, only for us to realize a few seasons in it was never an act. Ugh! I'm ready for the poetic justice of a Binna takedown. It's overdue.
  5. Binna still being so pent up about the whole charity thing 7 months later is a hoot.
    Sutton must have really got under her skin with this one.

    It upsets me we will be seeing the news about Lois break on the show soon, and Binna does not deserve the sympathy she will get from her sad passing.
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  6. Sutton was the absolute standout from the premiere wow. Like, I know what Dorit went through was terrible but Sutton's scenes overshadowed that entire incident. I really hope she doesn't let up. The way she had Kyle fumbling her words as she defended Erika was queen shit.
  7. Sutton is the star of the premise. The way she left Kyle speechless and didn't even budge for one second. Queen.
  8. Sutton is the reason we’re still here. She keeps Beverly Hills alive.

  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Rinna's jealousy is showing


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  11. Lisa Rinna biggest claim to success is from the 90s... and then the housewives.

    She is the Funko pop version of Chucky, and that's it.
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  12. And I oop-

  13. I have not known peace since I found out Sutton gets $300k a month spousal support… our mom won
  14. She's watching everything.

    Screenshot 2022-05-13 at 20.38.11.png

  15. Rinna isn't even a fun or entertaining villain at this point and her same old gaslighting "you're so angry!!!" when someone types one sentence in response to her paragraphs is beyond tired. Nothing would bring me more joy than her getting a pink slip but I fear that the ratings mean that we will have to continue to suffer from her diseased presence for years to come.
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  16. Someone needs to mention the husband again.
  17. And the irony that Rinna has been on a spiral for weeks over Sutton’s 1 comment. Who is the angry party here?

    Rinna is not as tough as she likes to pretend she is.
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  18. This is embarrassing for Binna. She seems very triggered and obsessed.

    But I'm enjoying her continuing to make an ass of herself.

    Just like her BFF. The Fox Force Five are the most sensitive.
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  19. Piece-a Shitta must be stopped. But I'm also ironically stanning thanks to you heifers.
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