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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. And Lois' urn
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  2. Naur Sutton is the MVP. Premiere was fine.
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  3. I haven't been able to get Garcelle's delivery of "Erika." out of my head for days. That whole scene was incredible. The dynamics this season are boding very well.
  4. [​IMG]
    The fact that Garcelle or Sutton appeared in nearly every scene.
    Garcelle facetiming Dorito the day of, then appearing the day after to comfort... a masterclass

    They won
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  5. That premier was DIRE.
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  6. The first episode truly was awful. They’re going to deliver nothing again.
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. I thought the premiere was ok. My only fear is they'll drag this boring Rinna vs Sutton feud out til episode 7 or something.
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  9. Still better than RHONY 13 though, so let's celebrate that.
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  10. I feel with Binna being so activated about it that Sutton just brushes it off and denies her a storyline

  11. This picking up steam has me screaming
  12. This is 3 years of rats, Rinna!! That is not normal.
  13. Just catching up on ep 1.

    I can’t BARE how Rinna drops her head as though she’s breaking down crying (over the PK and Dorit robbery) she’s the shittest actress!
  14. "Well, it's all relative"

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  15. I thought the premiere was okay. But maybe RHOBH has finally gaslighted me into thinking it delivers but really doesn't after all these seasons of hate-watching.
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  16. Beverly Hills is boring. Nothing new here. The lukewarm drama and the rehearsed confrontations will continue to fraud us all and we will keep on watching!
  17. I sincerely hope Sutton keeps her Loubs firmly on Euthanasia Bedpan's goiter for the whole season, even if it's just in the confessionals.
  18. Gacelle and Vyke being the only ones invited to the Bravo Upfronts

    Andy knows who matters for the longevity and popularity of the show
  19. Ranking each girls performance from the premiere

    Dorit - 10s. Whether mama was genuine or this is another elaborate scheme in the Hollywood hills doesn’t even matter to me. Dorit was serving CAMP. The reaction to the dogs barking and the missing phone was an Emmy submission piece. Also the confessional where she is crying and said PK is so strong but when it comes to matters of the heart **tears evaporate** I’m stronger!

    Sutton - 10s - Told Kyle she will not play ball in their solo scene and completely ruined whatever fake scenario she had concocted in her head for the scene to be and made it all about her. Iconic behaviour.

    Garcelle - 10s - She was serving Emeli Sande circa 2012 and popping up every damn where! Something tells me this season will be Garcelle at the peak of her powers and she will be in charge of the girls

    PK - 9 - The tears were wet and range was displayed I was here for it.

    Erika - 8 - Eh. I’m kinda feeling her leaning in to the villain role fully?

    Kyle - 5 - Existed purely to be eaten up by Sutton and provide a panic room for Dorit. Proof that she needs Kathy.

    Rinna - 3 - The jokes didn’t land. The acting didn’t convince. The looks didn’t do what she thought they did.
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