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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. You forgot to give Maurice an 11
  2. I knew I forgot someone! He’s always an 11.
  3. The detective work!
  4. The viewers getting tired of waiting for the actual cast to do their jobs and take down Rinna so just taking on the task themselves.
  5. There was me saying that Alex and Simon looked like mice breeders when in fact it was Rinna in her raggedy house after all…..
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  6. I just watched the first episode of the new season. I really hope we are not going to have to listen to Dorit talking about her home invasion for the next 10 episodes.
    Hopefully the next episode is better.
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  7. Oop.

  8. I stand by the premiere being good but it really is The Real Housewives of White Privilege when these gals do the bare minimum, get great ratings and the Atlanta girls are giving it their all and getting paid dust.
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  9. Between Diana describing herself as "a gay man stuck in a straight woman's body" (tired), being friends with Rinna and Erika, and that annoying "diamonds, fast cars, whatever!" soundbite I already can't stand her. Ready for Queen Sutton to aptly call her a soulless person!
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  10. I am primed and prepared to absolutely loathe Miss Jenkins. I wish her an ounce of luck.
  11. What sort of Hollywood Madame Demonic Entity would go onto this show, and align themselves with Shitika and Binna?
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  12. If Diana can give us pot-stirring confrontational drama and actually sell it, I'll be able to forgive plenty of Erika-lite and Ratinna tendencies. This show needs a jolt! Poor Sutton as great as she is, can't carry the burden alone.
  13. Also Erika only seems to really lean into her villain role when she's provoked which is so boring. Wait is it a Rat, an Erika Jayne or both that only attack when backed into a corner? Quick someone ask Binna.
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  14. Uno


    Honestly how absolutely dumb and out of touch with reality do you have to be to say on national television "they missed all of our expensive jewelry!" a few days after being robbed? You're basically inviting the thieves back into your home.
  15. Binna's is definately two different tag lines spliced together

    *High-Kick Cackle*
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  16. I kind of love the unhinged vibe that Bamboozle is bringing this season. The chaos! The unpredictability! I am low-key stanning America's favorite punching bag.

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  17. Diana's 'duhonlytingbettah'
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  18. I will never understand what y’all see in Maurico and this is coming from someone whose standards aren’t exactly high dddd. Go watch Jersey if you want to see a hot husband!!
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