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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Crystal getting her storyline next episode, we love to see it.
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  2. It took them two seasons to find their footing with these women, but it is DELICIOUS to see Sutton and Garcelle not put up with the Flops bs anymore.
  3. Did I see a blink-or-you-miss-it moment of Vyle’s stalker/clone Turdi in the previews? I honestly hope we don’t get anything more than a 3 second flash of her saying “Kyle’s Friend” and then disappear, like her entire solo scenes did in her final year.

    Garcelle is the one to watch. Sutton is iconic but it’s all about Garcelle for me.
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  4. This definitely speaks to my current mental instability than anything else but I saw actual meaning in ‘The Fable of the Distressed Bee’.
  5. This was a great episode for me.

    Sutton is in top form, her sit down with Kyle was like some weird cocktail of Camille and Ramona come to life? When she was talking about Dorit and being an empath herself during the ride to the party: "I feel it for her, almost" SCREAM!

    We've known Rinna's tactics are beyond tired but it was fascinating to watch the immediate heel turn when the receipts were pulled out, talking about how she couldn't believe Sutton brought it up and ruined Harry's dinner etc. And what was that about Diana being a 'character witness' and then immediately falling mute when she found out both Sutton and Rinna attended the event?

    Garcelle truly is the moment, the way she diffused the tension immediately was tangible. And I hate to admit it but I cackled at Kyle's confessional re:Rinna throwing away her receipts.

    Diana feels like some weird Venn Diagram of Yolanda and Eden, somehow? She seems like the type to just coast and then randomly have a completely unhinged confrontation.

    My gluttonous ass can't stop thinking about that stupid pie that was made of twenty crepes.

  6. Madame Diana here, splitting the bag?
  7. The way Sutton has absolutely dominated both episodes. The complete calm and confidence she exhibited in her response to Ricky. “Because I don’t like you”.
  8. Uno


    The preview made it seem like Garcelle had to drag it out of Sutton to stand up for herself but after watching the full scene, it seemed more like Sutton was trying give Rinna a chance to accept the apology and move on before embarrassing her with receipts.
  9. I lived for Sutton’s whole ‘I don’t want to have to do this, but…’ act with the receipts. Rinna really could have looked gracious for once and moved on, but I’m so happy she decided to show her ass with a complete lie that completely fell flat and forced her into embarrassing ‘defense mode.’

    The Flop Force can’t stop losing… we love to see it.
  10. The new chick is very Bond villain.
  11. Diana is a dud. Sutton and Garcelle continue to be the shining stars among a pile of trash.

    Also, the editing is SO poorly done. When the topic of the table is brought up, you literally see Dorit reading the papers before Sutton brought them out.
  12. Diana seems potentially messy but her trying to put a stop to Sutton/Rinna wasn’t it. It’s like she wasn’t aware of the show she signed up for.
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  13. Yeah this bothered me, I spotted those papers and it just sort of lost the impact. And Diana feels like Eden and that is not a good thing at all.

    And Erika is vile. In the episode and WWHL.
  14. Erika and Christine on WWHL was absolute chaos, I was kind of living for it.
  15. Intrigued by next weeks preview and Crystal finally getting into the mix.
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  16. Can’t wait for Bethenny to drag Erika tonight on WWHL after her comment about “her dude being dead”.
  17. Some theaughts:
    • PK didn't want to say they were lucky, but they were lucky they got a storyline
    • Mmmmm did Rinna bring Diana in as Dorito's replacement?
    • Any flop force scenes feel rehearsed, just compare Binna and Vyle to Crystal and Sutton's?
    • I do not believe Hamlin text Sutton, at all.
    • Kyle just can't help constantly throwing Sutton under the bus, she must really hate her popularity.
    • Madame Diana having a Dasher just ten years older than her son...
    • Sutton really gave Binna a chance to drop it with her first apology... HA SUFFER with those receipts.
    "Don't do it, Don't do it!'
    • Let's not forget she didn't even pause before telling Shitika she wasn't going to apologise because she doesn't like her. Something tells me this obvious Sutton takedown the Flops are trying may not work out.
    • Garcelle just moving it along like the main star she is, I think we may finally get Flop Force Vs Garsluttals this year if it all carries on.
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    I thought he was her gay assistant before they told us he was Diana's fiancé...
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  19. nn me and you both!
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  20. I need someone to unleash Bethenny on Erika. I know Bethenny is gonna shake her to the core and leave her damaged.
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