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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I know you lot want to desperately elevate Sutton above being an accidental hero but the fact that she had to be coached into showing her receipts really says it all. She ate nothing.
  2. I wish Sutton would summon the nerve to tell Erika that she’s not much different from the scum who broke into Dorit’s house and keep repeating “20 MILLION INTO LLC” as she calmly exits the room.
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  3. Garcelle and Sutton are truly the dynamic duo this show needed. I'm intrigued by Cherymberley Coyle, mostly due to the fact that she seems so dark-sided. I just know Carlton would hex her.
  5. Personally I think this whole dynamic will be endlessly more exciting the second Kyle's self preservation threshold is met and she jumps the sinking Flop Force ship. Garcelle is closest they've had to a new anchor in years and we know Poorly Styled needs her center diamond like her husband needs his pen.
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  6. Sorry but Diana is an amazing, chaotic addition!

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  7. I also screamed at the camp scene at the end with Kyle and Sutton.

    Sutton: Kyle...
    Kyle: Yeah??

    Loving this season girls!
  8. "I don't deal well with guns, I don't deal well with burglaries..."
    "...nobody does."

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  9. I kind of thinks she did that because it is a bit tacky talking about charities like that.

    So my thoughts of this episode is that we are actually witnessing the Witches of Eastwick finally cracking, Rinna being that unhinged on social media really says it all, we finally have people that actually are not afraid to directly call The Big Lipped Rodent or The Shitty Fraud on their bullshit and they cannot take it, I think we are witnessing (hopefully) the beginning of a new era. Garcelle and Sutton are really coming into this season gun blazing.

    Diana Jenkins... I don't really have a lot to say.

    Kyle trying to be the "peacemaker" while she is obviously being biased, she's so pathetic.

    Also I feel that Erika will be gone after this season, I think they will chop at least one of the flop frauds five, I don't think they will fire Binna (but hopefully), but I can absolutely see them getting rid of Erika.
  10. Let Bethenny host the RHOBH and let her at the girlies.
  11. I can’t lie. Mean Girl Kyle is still doing it for me. Being enough of a mess to run and tell Dorit about what Sutton said, her not giving a fuck about Sutton’s valid feelings about being triggered… She’s EVIL. Mauricio looked like he was sick of her shit on that van and it was killing me.

    Erika thought she was doing something with that “SLANDER” moment but her & her increasingly nasal voice never had the funds to sue anybody so she can stay mad.
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  12. I was bothered by Rinna’s comment “I don’t even know how to describe Diana’s accent is she Zsa Zsa haha lol”.

    You know she’s Bosnian so you would describe it as a Bosnian accent… it’s so white bread to make a big deal about someone’s accent and act like you can’t understand a word they’re saying when you clearly can.

    Diana herself seems like an absolute chore to be around. What does being a gay man in a woman’s body even mean? What do these women think being gay is ?
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  13. I’ll wait until I place my opinion on Diana. There’s massive evil energy about her though. I hope she’s entertaining and not just a support for Binnha.
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  14. Erika’s embarrassing “SSLLLAAAANDDERRR” moment getting completely ignored. I know that’s right.

    She’s vile and Sutton should completely eviscerate her, step it up a little.
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  15. A decrease of more than 200k from Week 1 - the viewers have spoken and Diana is a flop, sorry!
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  16. The Little Cannolis won!! Jersey finally coming out on top.
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  17. I like gives no fucks Sutton so much. She’s had it with everyone’s shit. Also Garcelle just getting up saying bye was hilarious. Kyle is being evil.
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  18. I shiver whenever I hear "Diana Jenkins."
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  19. Asher…please use me.
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  20. I yelled.

    Also, Lady M cakes are so fucking good. The original but also the matcha.
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