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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Diana Jenkins going “He thinks I’m a gay man stuck in a straight woman’s body” and then her tongue vigorously goes around her lips. Also… Why does Asher give off major…
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  2. Asher but also Innis.
  3. De Lyme-el Richards already trying to target Sutton this year is pathetic.
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  4. I-
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  5. Sorry but that episode was fantastic, it served me everything I’ve needed from these girls.
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  6. Kyle's been doing press this week and has said that she's seriously considering when might be the right time to leave the show. Especially as things "end on a bad note" at the end of the season (presumably with Kathy).

    I could definitely see her taking a year out and execs being fine with it. I'd also like to see a season without Kyle because it would be a real hit to flop force frauds and their domination.
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  7. She certainly doesn't need the money and it's not really making her...famous Ddd. Also, her attempts at business ventures have all flopped (Alene Too, American Woman) with the exception of her bangs' acting career so she might as well cut her losses.
  8. I say we swap out Kyle for Camille and then we have a season.
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  9. I can't see Kyle actually leaving - first off her ego probably wouldn't allow it, but she really is the glue between The Flop Tsunamis and Garcelle, Sutton and Crystal (or so it seems at the beginning of the season. If she does leave, I can see Dorit getting demoted but then we'd have Rinna, Erika, Garcelle, Sutton, Crystal and Diana as the cast which would feel incredibly fractured.
  10. Erika needs to leave. It's time.
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  11. We need her to spiral some more first please, and really show her broke ass
  12. This take is *Erika voice* not a good time. She's finally serving something other patted puss with her spiral into villain mode, and you want her out?? Erika is now one of the most interesting players RHOBH has. I think Bravo will be riding with her for a good while yet.
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  13. Chopping Erika right when she’s getting good would be less than smart.
    I wanna see how this all plays out between the girlies before I give my casting hot takes.

    Fire Crystal!
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  14. Rinna and Erika are here for the long haul. I don't see either of them being let go within the next 2 years, at least.

    Dorit and Crystal are easily the most vulnerable.
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  15. Yeah, I want Erika to stay as she is an absolute cretin and monster and she deserves to get more public retribution and hate, in addition to the entertainment value that is coming from the other girlies spiraling at her lunacy.

    The rest of the FattieNoNos can go. I would love to see Erika have to try and break into the friendship group of Sutton, Crystal, Sheree and Garcelle.
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  16. The only gay man inside a woman's body is your boyfriend, Diana.

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  17. I think all the Ladies will prove their worth this season, even Kathy, and they'll all come back with added Kim.
    It's Cokeden's pipe dream
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  18. I think each cast member has individual merits. It's just their stupid alliance that ruins things. Erika is bringing us mess, Rinna is a disaster, Kyle is a shit-stirring mean girl, & Dorit is camp. If someone can successfully drive a wedge between them, then we're good. If not, then dump Rinna & Erika (when her storyline gets played out).
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  19. A challenge for the Mother of Paris
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