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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. If Kyle does leave, it would be iconic for Kathy to snatch her diamond. Let it be Rinna, Erika & Diana vs Kathy, Sutton & Garcelle.
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    Kathy barely joined this season - I doubt she'd join fulltime especially without her sister.
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  3. I'm gonna need to see a little more...light behind Kathy's eyes before we discuss giving her a diamond. She was basically a goofy AI last season.
  4. Kathy had Paris' Wedding at the start of this Season, how she handles whatever Shikita and Binna chuck at her will determine her fate
  5. I hope Kathy stays true to her word and doesn't quit. She has more than enough time (and money) to have a team prep her for WWHL and the reunion. She needs to save herself and prove her worth so they can bring back Kim next season and give us the full Richards sisters dynamic that we want. I find it promising that Andy called Kim, but we need all three for it to be worth it.
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  6. This! If Andy ever decides to step away from the Housewives franchise, Bethenny would be the perfect person to take over.
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  7. Kathy started filming before Christmas I believe(?) as did Sheree. Garcelle said the latter appears from episode 7 or 8, so I'm assume it's similar for Big Kathy.
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    Interested to see how this unfolds but it would be really weird and a bit malicious if Kyle would inform the group of Sutton’s “sorry I didn’t have a gun to my head” statement without the context of her fathers death and purposely tried to make Sutton look bad.
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  9. Sutton explaining herself, and incidentally making Vyle look viler... Yes

    Crystal revealing herself to be a SLUTTON

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  10. Sutton has really valid reasons for reacting the way she did. I hope this entire season doesn't turn into trying to destroy her over that. We have Kathy drama coming at some point so I'll remain hopeful.
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  11. Shriek!

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  12. This episode was a stinking pile of nothing. I was so bored. Thank god for Sutton (and Garcelle’s dinner moment) because this entire episode would’ve been a complete write off without her.
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  13. There’s Kathy at a charity event with some of her favorite housewives! Just missing Sutton lol. You know Kyle is probably HOT.
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  14. No Kathy did not!!! The flops have to be absolutely enraged.
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  15. Kathy at the Flop Force Abuelas

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  16. I need Kathy to come in strong at the reunion and be fully backed by Garcelle, Crystal + Sutton. It's time to overturn the flop force four.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. I feel like Rinna and Erika have finally burnt enough bridges in the cast that we will get strong opposition to them at the reunion. Whatever had them so scared of Erika in particular seems to be gone.
  19. I'm not going to count them out just yet. Let's see how the season unfolds. There is certainly more resistance from the newbies this time round.
  20. Welp.

    Also, a fun game for when you have some downtime!

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