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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. The fact we are just 2 episodes in and Rinna already got completely humiliated online...
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  2. Online and on the show
    She is going to be a mass of rage by the reunion
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  3. This is the scariest post I’ve ever read in my life. People don’t like Andy’s bias which is usually mild and infrequent (the most recent NJ reunion maybe being his worst ever isn’t even that bad) and somehow people want BETHENNY in charge? She’s a sociopath! Which is great for TV usually but not as a legitimate host of anything.
  4. I’m lying in bed and I can’t sleep because all I can think about is how much I hated the Harry Hamlin sauce storyline.
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  5. The sleep paralysis demon in the corner:

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  6. There isn't a cat in hell's chance Garcelle and Sheree would continue to allign with her if this was true, surely?
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  7. I can't really imagine the slur thing happening, also we have known for quite some time now that both The Shitty Mess and Mickey Mouse are liars, sooo, we'll have to wait and see.
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  8. There's this too. I don't doubt that Kathy Hilton is capable of exhibiting racist or homophobic behaviour (just look at Paris nn) but I find it hard to believe she would let the mask slip in public while filming for a television show. We'll have to see how the story unfolds. On the flip side, I question if Rinna would really lie about this.
  9. The Shitty Mess and The Rat Catcher getting dragged daily is so delicious

  10. Considering Ratatouille did shame Denise for having sex with a woman, it's quite rich
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  11. Carry on with the Rinna nicknames please I’m laughing so hard
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  12. I can't stand Lice-a Rodenta but the producers almost make me more furious for supporting her with the editing still. If Teddi had her confessionals taken away to remove her perspective entirely, so can she!
  13. The Danielle Edit for RHONJ Seasons 9 and 10
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  14. The producers love of the flop stray whatever is so mind boggling, like why? how? in what world or dimension does it make sense? Are they that misanthropic and sadistic that they actually enjoy inflict such pain to us viewers? is it a social experiment? reverse Stockholm Syndrome? I don't get it
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  15. Kathy calling Kyle every name under the sun would be a kii to see just because I know it would make her miserable.

    I see fag for Big Kathy when she’s having a moment but I couldn’t think of a reason why Garcelle would align herself with anybody using racist language.
    She did say on WWHL that she has the most explaining to do though so I’m intrigued.
  16. I’m prepared to fight for the cause here but is season 10 one of the most underrated seasons of RHOBH? Maybe!

    I am not finished and only at the start of the Rome trip but this season is delivering for me.

    I’m kind of living for the Denise storyline. It really highlights how rotted the majority of these women are, especially Rinna. Garcelle and Sutton getting slow intros but I know they deliver so I’m okay with it. Finally a cameo from Kim? Brandi and Camille popping in to cause their own chaos? All of the ladies bar Vyle dragging a pregnant Teddi on multiple occasions? Sign me up.

    I’ll never get over the scene at Kyle’s party with Denise, Teddi and Camille. Denise pointing at Teddi saying “this one doesn’t forgive as easily” only for Camille to get up and say something along the lines of “we’ll time heals everything” and walking away.
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  17. Whew the taste jumped out! It is an underrated season but the girls here have never been ready for that conversation.
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  18. Can we talk about those alleged leaked messages from Rinna? Now, I don’t know if Kathy used those slurs… I just can’t imagine Garcelle, Sheree and Crystal would still be showing up for her if she did.

    However, if it turns out that only Rinna and Erika heard Kathy use them, then it also looks like Rinna and Erika are the ones leaking all this stuff to blogs to get ahead of the story (very much like what they accused LVP of doing) and change the villain narrative from Erika to Kathy. I smell a stunt!
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  19. I thought the rumour originally stated, only Erika heard Kathy say those things, who then told Rinna...
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