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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Can we talk about those alleged leaked messages from Rinna? Now, I don’t know if Kathy used those slurs… I just can’t imagine Garcelle, Sheree and Crystal would still be showing up for her if she did.

    However, if it turns out that only Rinna and Erika heard Kathy use them, then it also looks like Rinna and Erika are the ones leaking all this stuff to blogs to get ahead of the story (very much like what they accused LVP of doing) and change the villain narrative from Erika to Kathy. I smell a stunt!
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  2. I thought the rumour originally stated, only Erika heard Kathy say those things, who then told Rinna...
  3. Season 10 could have been good if Denise wasn’t the worst housewife to ever appear on Bravo.
  4. But Teddi is also there?
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  5. I have Teddi ranked fourteen places higher (and above three other Beverly Hills housewives).
  6. Teddi is the pits of the pit, the housewife from the basement beneath the ground floor in hell.
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  7. I’m shaking and crying, honestly! She’s truly awful.
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  8. The lower level found 14 places higher than Turddi.
  9. Teddi mentioned on her podcast she was given the choice of OC or BH and her agent told her to do BH because it's more prestigious. It's funny because I think had she done OC she would've been successful. Her plainness and family stuff would've fit better on that show.
  10. Ow please, Shannon would have left her a wreck by the end of her second episode

    (And she would have been demoted to Friend Of and vanished by her second season)
  11. The idea of Teddi Mellencamp of all people being given her pick of the franchises...

  12. The Flops really did not expect Ms Stracke to come prepared, or Garcelle to edge her on.
    I'm sensing changes and it excites me
  13. Are we pretending Sutton's eyes didn't well up & that she didn't completely back down?
    I'm not saying Lisa didn't also look the fool in that situation but Sutton is more talk than action.
  14. Yeah, I’m a little Slutton but it was clear that without Garcelle’s nudging (thank god for Garcelle), Sutton’s receipts would have stayed in her Birkin. I do wish she’d develop a bit more backbone. The fans are on her side and she has nothing to fear, least of all from Lips or Fraudika. They’re all bark and no bite.
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  15. To think we missed out on Teddi being mauled alive by Kelly Magadodd.
  16. It’s fair to say that Sutton needed some goading from Garcelle to show the receipts, but she did show them. And when it came to telling Erika that she didn’t like her, to go fuck herself and mocking her laugh… that took no goading. She also doubled down on her reaction to Dorit’s break in with Kyle, which I loved. So I have no doubt that Sutton will only become stronger throughout the season and The Sluttons will rise.
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  17. Screaming at Tamra having to defend Mellencamp’s Shadow Creature

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  18. Yes Crystal, Drag all the Flops

    It's scary even from the seating set up how Madame Diana has fallen into the Flop's circle, over Team Right.
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  19. "You guys will never validate someone's feelings unless you can understand it" she can kinda read the girls there.. also happy to see Garcelle sticking up for Crystal in the moment too.
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  20. Ddd I was just coming to post that.

    Crystal just articulated to these girls faces why they suck as friends and people lol.

    Hammer, meet nail head.
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