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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Let's not get carried away now...
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  2. I have always loved Crystal and have never swayed.
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  3. Everyone struggled to squeeze in their own storylines once the Erika stuff kicked off last year, so I'm glad Bravo gave her a second chance after such a strong opening set of episodes, and I really think Crystal will blossom into a fan fav by the Reunion.
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  4. Garcelle put a stop to that quick!
  5. John's daughter respawning at Kyle's event... We'll never be free from her.
  6. This last scene is chaotic in the best way possible. Kyle coming off like a crotchety grandma talking about Crystal being a millennial, Garcelle saying “Oh, here we go” when Erika started talking, Sutton leaving with the garment bag on her head. A delicious mess in an otherwise boring episode.

    I’ll always side with Crystal on violation-gate though, even if her timing tonight to bring it up was a bit odd.
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  7. Now this episode of WWHL is labeled as all new and is.... very old?
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  8. Erika hates Sutton. Their constant back & forth is so funny.
  9. Garcelle always backing up our girlies...she is the MVP here! A true friend.
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  10. Tonight’s episode reminded me of when my boyfriend and I were visiting his parents in Palm Springs last December. We went to the mall where Kyle’s new store is and it was completely empty in the middle of the day on a very busy shopping day right before Christmas. I’m not saying it’s a money laundering front but…
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  11. The Madame following up Sutton mentioning her father's suicide, by calling her a clumsy person

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  12. Garcelle's "Oh here we go" when Erika started was so funny to me.

    Also, I had to check the preview for next week because I didn't get enough mess this episode and... not Erika saying there could be a chance Tom's victim's are lying and have already been paid. There's a special place in hell...
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  13. Dddd not the Crystal/Sutton/Garcelle alliance already falling apart next episode
  14. Sutton is being beat like a punching bag every episode ajfbajsasf. I gotta say I am proud of her keeping it together, she was literally just called a clumsy weirdo and she didn't even tear up or get emotional. Good on her.
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  15. That started slow but got great as it went on. The three queens dismantling the Five slowly… we love to see it. Crystal was extremely powerful.

    I also love how Sutton just apologises with no fuss to any of them and then doesn’t back down with Blonde Gangster. Because she shouldn’t, and it sort of gives it more relevance. She’s fantastic.
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  16. I will be skipping any further scenes with Dorit relating to her break-in. I think we have had enough of that.

    Proud of Crystal for articulating perfectly the standards the women set and how it’s only right if it fits their agenda. Kyle is so easily triggered because it’s her entire personality.

    Also note how quick Binna and Vyle change the subject when Erika actually says something slightly correct? Changing the sentiment about listening to Crystal and more about “awww Erika is the voice of reason!!!1!”.

    Hoping Crystal, Sutton and Garcelle don’t stay apart for too long. I know Garcelle has these women on notice.
  17. You know what I feel will be infuriating to the Flops, whenever they get together outside the show the fans call them out for being a hateful clique, but Team Right (and Kathy) get gushing praise for being seen together outside of filming.

    I love that for us
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  18. That last scene really captured what makes Beverly Hills work at its best: the overlapping tensions within the dynamic and thinly veiled venom seeping out of these women was palpable. It feels like we're on the cusp of a real power shift with the way Kyle snapped, I don't feel like we've seen her get that worked up since LVP? Good on Crystal for standing her ground and calling them out, even with whatever is coming between her and Sutton I think it will fortify their friendship in the long term.

    Diana is officially a boot for me, the way her tongue slithered out of her mouth when Erika was talking about that ring she should buy was giving gorgon.

    Sutton's off camera soundbite at dinner "I'm scared of Bambi he's gonna eat my hand" in that Southern drawl took me the fuck OUT.
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