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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Diana will be useless and I'll have nothing to show for it other than Little Family Vana Rotten shrieking CHEERS TO DIANA JENKINSSS!!! from the trailer.
  2. I love how literally nobody cares about miss Diana Jenkins right from the jump, dd
  3. I fucking snorted at my desk.
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  4. Producer Kyle needs to step back.
  5. Too much Kyle this episode, she is so annoying this season so far, she's not funny, charming, or anything, can't wait for Kathy to destroy her existence <3.
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  6. After this weeks episode, even though we don't know yet what Kathy said about Kyle, I agree with her. Kim's sister has been incredibly annoying so far this season and it just furthers my theory that the only reason we softened to Kyle last year was because Kathy was around and she pulled out a more playful side of her.

    Also Diana is giving me one and done vibes. I don't get what she would gain from being on a show like Housewives. She also already seems checked out and we do already have Kathy as the stand in quirky and super weathly persona so we don't need two of them.
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  7. Not them cutting out a scene where Sutton call the Flops into question, and effectively spells out what Crystal goes on to say...
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  8. Diana can go. She’s clearly searching for a moment and knew to jump on the Sutton pile on even though she’s met the woman for 36 seconds.

    Super proud of Crystal for standing up. Dorit and Kyle did not learn at all. Crystal is trying to articulate how they made her feelings invalid and they respond by…INVALIDATING HER FEELINGS?

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  9. I don't want to write Diana off just yet as we're only on episode 3 but she seems lost in the mix. The cast feels much bigger this time so that's probably not helping.
  10. That shouldn’t have been deleted? It doesn’t make any sense! It would’ve picked the pace up a bit in the boring first half of the episode.
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  11. Kyle is a clown. She wanted Sutton to react like her and because Sutton didn’t, she’s now made her enemy number one.

    “We didn’t have a plan to all go over to Dorit’s, we just went!” Uhhh, y’all arrived within 10 minutes of each other with cameras in tow, not planned out my ass.
  12. I wonder if the decision was made to have 8 full-time cast members prior to filming beginning?

    My assumption is Diana was given a diamond from the jump but those who were most vulnerable (Crystal, Dorit, Sutton) all brought it this season with either good personal storylines or conflict with other cast members so they decided to go "fuck it" and include everyone.
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  13. I've been thinking about how Diana seems positioned to potentially take Erika's spot as Rinna ally with questionable finances once Girardi is finally behind bars.
  14. Honestly I was kinda screaming at Diana going in on Sutton for no reason. She has some very dark energy and I’m interested in seeing where this goes. We know from the trailer that this feud will continue so hopefully our girl will give her the Erika treatment.
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  15. Uno


    To ME, the vibe felt like the girls were all ready to accept Sutton's answer and move on until Diana said "not on my watch, clumsy bitch!"

    It was tone deaf (especially after taking about her father's suicide with the group), but I squealed.
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  16. Diana talking about Sutton in that way didn't seem like she was attacking her. If anything her tone suggested it was said in defence, did anybody else think that it was maybe just edited to look like she was attacking her out of nowhere? I don't know, it just seemed like one of those edited parts that they tack on to make it look one way when it wasn't like that. I get why editors would do it because they feud later on in the season but that moment just didn't flow correctly especially to go alongside everyone's reactions in that moment.
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  17. Especially since Sutton didn't really seem that bothered by Diana before or after, unlike the Thefty Mess.
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  18. Hens, gather, I have some Brie (for Maurice) and some thoughts

    - the fact in October last year Shitika was spouting off on camera how things had been disproven, and here we are 7 months later, and NOTHING has!!!
    - Garcelle having Sutton's back out loud is so refreshing.
    - First mention of Kathy, being all kooky on a talk show, she might have the producers on side/in her pocket.
    - Vyle taking all those dogs away when Dorito had such an awful reaction to their barking the other day, she's the true villain.
    - I appreciate The Madame's Richness, but Hens, the stories how she got that money are toooooo dark (and need mentioning at the Reunion)
    - Crystal pre-warning Sutton about a take down is Icon like behaviour. I love this friendship.
    - Ugh the knat! Swat It!
    - Ugh Shitika constantly trying to make Sutton apologise for nothing, and Nobody has yet called her out (apart from Garcelle and Andy), for her treatment of Sutton.
    - I feel for Dorito you know, and her going to therapy next week might be a bit hard to watch
    - I feel whatever happens with Team Right over these next few episodes obviously just makes them stronger. I eagerly await Sheree's arrival into it, providing that rat bite wasn't too bad.
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  19. The whole segment with Diana and Sutton felt very Detox/Roxxxy vs Jinx in Untucked S5 editing honestly. I kept trying to see if they were even in the same room at that point.
  20. Watching it, I think Crystal was valid in how she felt and what she was saying (and I always felt she was 100% right to use the term violated, and was then gaslighted by the entire group).

    I think there were some crossed wires though, because Kyle was correct to say that Sutton was completely lacking in empathy for both of their conversations.
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