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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. But Sutton absolutely explained herself to Crystal (not just in the confessionals), and she validated how she reacted, no?
    It was bad, but in the moment, sometimes we do react bad, or çLűM§y

    Another point, and it's a rare one, But Rinna seemed to get and articulate the points of view of both Sutton and Crystal throughout that sit-down!
    God, if Rinna was that good all the time, I'd love her.
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  2. I think the issue is whether she had no empathy or had empathy and just didn’t express it.

    I think Kyle would agree, and even did in that conversation, she’d have to be a psychopath to feel nothing but that’s totally how she came across. So Kyle was feeling like she was being cast as exaggerating the conversation with Sutton, and Crystal probably wouldn’t have gone as hard had she witnessed it.
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  3. Kyle would have exaggerrated the conversation even if Sutton had magically back tracked there and then.
    As someone who puts their foot in their mouth often, and entirely not on purpose, I get it.
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  4. I mean yeah Sutton could have been like 1/10th as bad and Kyle would’ve had the exact same reaction, confronted her and exposed her to the group over it all the same. The classic BH playbook.

    It just so happens in this case that Sutton really did just say all the wrong things.
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  5. What does Diana do apart from uselessly search for ways to talk about being rich and lick her lips.
  6. I really don't like Diana wow.
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  7. The gentleman in the black vest and tan slacks, who was part of Diana’s “team”…. what’s his @?

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  8. Teddi and Mikey in the same episode... *sighs*
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  9. Killer episode. This cast is bringing it!
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  10. Oh my god, Kyle is insufferable.
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  11. Every time they show Elmer Fudd's shack

  12. It was good episode, but the Flop Force Four are at their most UNBEARABLE (except for Rinna who was mildly enjoyable for a minute during that last fight). I don’t think Kyle has ever been this unlikeable, which takes some doing so well done Kyle. I’m also over Dorit’s break in, people can’t even use the word safe around her now?

    Crystal next week. I’m not sure whats going on there. It makes it looks like she’s about to expose Sutton for saying something hugely racist during the “tell me you’re that girl” conversation, which I’m not looking forward to if that’s the case.
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  13. This was the preview I was talking about.
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  14. She is deep in delusion, wow.
  15. Erika and her worn-more-than-once wardrobe found rotting.

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  16. Poorly Styled opening another hideous flop store wearing another hideous outfit.

  17. Also Garcelle was once again the key player. Her “here we go” as Erikant started her tirade was a moment.
  18. Like I'm glad De Lyme-el Richards' kaftan and brimmed hat era is over but she is not any kind of fashion icon. The audacity of her to market clothing.
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