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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Dorit presenting herself as being a shell of her former self, not caring so much about fashion and how she looks at the moment - while wearing Kyle’s clothing.. The shade <333
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  2. Kelly Dodd is possibly the worst person on the planet but I am fully here for her talking about the husband.

    Kill each other!
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  3. Rinna just exposed Kathy Hilton's assistant's phone number on Instagram.

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  4. What is wrong with her? Has she l been on Reality Television for so long she’s lost touch with reality?
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  5. What a hideously shitty person she is. Absolutely vile.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. Also jokes aside, this season I feel Rinna is really crossing the line on social media.

    I never saw her being this unhinged, not even during the whole debacle between Brandi and Denise, and that's saying something!
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  8. The assistant has just posted Rinna's number on Instagram.
  9. At first when Rinna posted the number, people thought it was Kathy's. The assistant posted screenshots of texts he was receiving and

    Screenshot 2022-05-29 at 17.13.00.png
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  10. Let me call Rinna and tell her Harry flew me out to the cabin..
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  11. Me after sealing the deal with some trade:

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  12. ddd, BYE.

    The off camera drama this season is WILD, and we are just three episodes in... Binna will have a lot to answer when we'll get to the reunion
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  13. Looks like Bravo might be starting on a 'Real Husbands' franchise.

  14. Poor Patrick Somers lmao
  15. He's not Kathy Hilton's assistant, for what its worth. Although of course Rinna posted (and deleted) to her IG story that he was.
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  16. Honestly Lisa Rinna always had some sinister stuff going on underneath the forced *FuN PeRSoNa*, I remember reading that Star Jones had to send a cease and desist because Lisa kept harassing her via email, after The Apprentice, which she did with Kim with those texts on season 5... seeing the facade dropping off in the span of three episodes has been... interesting, to say the least.

    Also imagine if Kelly Dodd and Rinna actually will get into some twitter fight... I do not like either, but the chaos that would ensue!!!

    *Kelly bensimon voice* it's creepy.
  17. Since Kyle has decided to be awful this season, I finally made that gif I had a vision of a couple months ago:
    For all my friends in the Housewives threads!
  18. Can you help me out and tell me where you can make gifs in this quality because all the ones I’ve attempted have the quality of a potato x
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  19. I use QuickTime to record my screen and Photoshop to make the gifs! GIPHY has an online tool that lets you create gifs directly from a YouTube video, I believe.
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