The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The fact we managed to have a cameo by Turddi in which she says nothing and that's it, we'll never see her again on RHOBH! We won.
Ok but it took my husband pointing this out but they didn't even mic her asfghfg!!

The way the LVP stans remain alive and on the Fox Force Five's tracheas since season 9...I wonder if the hags thought her stans would just die off? They clearly all desperately seek approval and popularity so it must kill them to still not be getting it Ddd.

Again, I wish Kyle would just own being a villain and lean into it. Kyle and Rinna would make great antagonists but they are way too image obsessed.
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Was it a mean thing to say? Yes, for sure, and Sutton’s half-assed faux-innocent act suggests that she knew it was. But more importantly, it’s true. And funny. Teddi IS boring! During her tenure on the show (which thankfully ended with the 10th season), she was consistently a huge buzzkill. Finally, someone was saying it!
Sutton possessing the “skill of the succinct, artfully timed clapback”? Um, sure!

She’s a great housewife, but not for many of the supposed reasons listed in that article. The writer is a lot closer to the right track when talking about her being mean and awkward and prone to martyrdom.