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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. The fact that Teddi actively promoted her appearance and even tried to create a narrative about Garcelle around it...the lettuce tacos are getting to ha!
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  2. When one of the longest moments we saw her was Garvelle being perfectly pleasant to her.

    The worms, she didn't even get an invite to the Sutton Gang-Up after
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  3. I wonder if the network will step in and slap Rinna with a fine for her online behaviour like they did with the OC girls a few years ago. There is some serious rage in that corpse of hers.
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  4. I was about to say I wouldn't be surprised if Bravo's PR ask her to tone it down, I know they've done it to Kelly and other girls before. She must sit on Instagram 24/7 because she's constantly talking shit about people. Get a hobby, girlie!
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  5. Granted this is the most interesting Greasy Sinna has been in years.
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  6. I think about this reply daily

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  7. The way the LVP stans remain alive and on the Fox Force Five's tracheas since season 9...I wonder if the hags thought her stans would just die off? They clearly all desperately seek approval and popularity so it must kill them to still not be getting it Ddd.

    Again, I wish Kyle would just own being a villain and lean into it. Kyle and Rinna would make great antagonists but they are way too image obsessed.
  8. There are few things sadder than stans still latched to the ghost of LVP’s teat. It was already embarrassing enough when she was actually on the show.
  9. This article ajldfhkjdsflhkdsjaf
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  10. Not every word of the article dripping with accuracy!!
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  11. Sutton possessing the “skill of the succinct, artfully timed clapback”? Um, sure!

    She’s a great housewife, but not for many of the supposed reasons listed in that article. The writer is a lot closer to the right track when talking about her being mean and awkward and prone to martyrdom.
  12. The dream team (plus @Lego's favourite HW)...

  13. You know it's killing her
  14. They don't give any fucks and we love to see it
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Is Erika in prison/Armie Hammer’s stomach yet?
  17. This gif has completely derailed and cursed my week. Thank you!
  18. I can't breathe...
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  19. Garcelle being out in public with Kathy, LVP and now Denise since the Season started airing.

    She's coming for that centre seat, and I can't wait.
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