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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Mentally preparing for another episode of us dealing with Grease-a Rimmer's cave mouth tomorrow.
  2. We're gonna go from Doritio dragging out this robbery, to Binna dragging out her grief...

    Praise The Lords for Team Right
  3. Dorit is a queen.
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  4. How many episodes are we going to get devoted to this thing that Crystal will never say that Sutton said?

    Also, is Dorit really going to compare every single wife’s frustrations to her recent trauma?

    It’s already getting old.
  5. The fact that they’re rehashing drama from a drunken night that happened early last season for a multi episode story arc this season is…so Beverly Hills. Nobody loves beating a dead horse more than this group.

    Diana is such a disappointment so far, I don’t know why the trailer made it appear like she was going to serve. I know it’s not easy integrating into the group, but at least bring something to the table. She has nothing to talk about other than being rich.
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  6. I can definitely see why Bravo felt the need to bring Kathy in after filming had already been going on for a minute.
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  7. Garcelle.

    That’s it. That’s the post.
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  8. Kind of tea.
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  9. I would be so annoyed if I was Crystal. Garcelle accuses her of pre-meditating a takedown on Sutton, then when she explains that her reaction was due to more being said that they didn't hear, they suddenly need to know what was said. No, she was explaining why she reacted the way she did, that's all you needed to hear. She wasn't reacting based on one comment and now they're over it. So let the mouse go! How nauseating.
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  10. Garcelle blatantly referring to Kyle as a shit stirrer honestly added five years to my life. It was good episode mostly because I think the interworking dynamics have become inherently interesting: it's becoming apparent that Dorit either doesn't care for Crystal or sees her as a direct threat to her diamond and the seeds are being sown for a bit of a feud there. Erika immediately trying to extract the details from Crystal about what else Sutton said was a bit of a scream, the camp villainy is so transparent that it's still working for me.

    Gals I think I'm gonna play the long game with Crystal, there's something there.
  11. Garcelle was an absolute mess this episode and I loved it. Even if the drama is a little tedious, I'm really enjoying this season. The dynamics are all over the place.
  12. It'S CaLlEd NoUvEaU RiChE!!!
  13. Uno


    I can see both sides of this; I'm sure it's frustrating for Garcelle in particular because Crystal is making insinuations that Sutton said something racially charged, which can directly affect Garcelle's relationship with Sutton. I don't think it was unfair for Garcelle to ask Crystal for specifics.

    I also think the other girls should've dropped it because they weren't actually concerned, they just wanted more ammunition against Sutton. They relish in any drama that doesn't involve the 4 of them.
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  14. I do agree that of the women, Garcelle probably is the only one who probably should know what was said, as Crystal did say it'd only be something that impacts her & Garcelle. But in saying that I can see why Crystal wouldn't want to bring it up as Sutton has seemingly grown and learnt from it, so it isn't worth rehashing in her opinion.

    Either way I know they're all good now, so I'm hopeful their drama doesn't last too long cause I much prefer them as a trio than against one another.
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  15. I know it’s only been a few episodes so far but…why is Diana there?
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  16. I genuinely don't understand. I can sort of accept the theory that Dorit was in danger of demotion until her robbery, but even still, how they thought she would be a good addition is baffling. Plus, if she is that rich - why would she even want to join this group of flops and Garslutton?
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  17. Diana's hiring is puzzling as she's shown us nothing so far. I guess they bought into the idea that she's ridiculously wealthy with a tonne of A list connections.. but that doesn't always make for a good cast member. I'm sure the other factor was Kathy holding out for a bigger cheque and arguably Diana fills that spot.

    Again, I can only assume she was given a diamond straight out the gate but it just so happened that those at risk of a demotion really came out swinging. So they just kept them all because at that point it was too late to get rid of her.
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  18. Diana is there for the insane part of the fanbase that clamors for lifestyle porn. (“Like what the show used to be about back when everything was light and fun!”).

    Now of course, that same group of people will hate her for not co-signing every negative statement about Kyle or Rinna and call her boring if all she does is keep it light and fun and rich. But the BH fanbase isn’t exactly known for intelligence. Still, I get why Bravo cast her.
  19. "It's apples and oranges-"

    *Cuts to Dorit*
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  20. Garcelle's delivery of Lisa Vanderpump... I love her.
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