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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. The Flop Force Four are gunning for the Fan Faves and failing miserably.

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  2. I can see why Kathy was drummed in later for this season, it seems to be struggling to find a firm direction despite several aborted attempts. This will be Crystal's last season almost definitely, she seems in over her head, oddly nuking her newly formed alliances with aimless nonsense and a second season hasn't given her any kind of glow up.

    Diana is starting to be all style and no substance as well. She's got an interesting life but feels more like a nice looking prop than an addition than adds value to the cast.

    Garcelle's utter domination over this show is incredible. She's effortlessly the center of all the group dynamics, its like they are all playing off her lead in every scene now.
  3. This was beyond embarrassing, and this weeks episode? Garbage.
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  4. Rinna getting into jail before Erika would be such a kii
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  5. I love that for her.
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  6. Kyle and Dorit have become TV masters at doing facial expression reactions
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  7. This season is pretty crap so far. I am bored. Can we sacrifice these ladies for Salt Lake City?

  8. It's the Season of Sutton, we're just living in it!

    Now to mute the girls who will use this as a way of dragging Atlanta's inevitable dip after a break week.
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  9. You could literally be laid on the road dying, calling for Dorit and begging her to send help and she would bend down slowly, move closely to your ear and mutter in five different languages “the audacity of you to be doing this considering what I’VE been through”
  10. Not them setting up by girl Crystal again. She literally did not bring up the Sutton incident, and there Kyle and Garcelle were stirring it up for the gods. These ladies need to let Crystal choose her own vocabulary dddd.
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  11. Well…did she lie?

  12. This is getting wild. Did Kathy really do this? Or is the call coming inside Rinnas ratty house?
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  13. Scenario 1: Kathy didn't do this. Lisa is truly unhinged. We stan Hilton (rhymes with Milton).

    Scenario 2: Kathy did this. Lisa is truly unhinged. We stan Hilton (rhymes with Milton).
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  15. This is Mess of the highest degree and I need it airing at the Reunion.
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  16. The issue with the Sutton vs Crystal feud resurfacing is that both are too peripheral to the cast for it to feel impactful. They're also clearly the least liked and respected cast members within the group, so the stakes feel far too low.
  17. Teddi shut the fuck up challenge.
  18. Turn off the light Nelly Furtardo so John Mellencamp's Shadow can't form do that Challenge
  19. It’s … strange Crystal would sink her only ally when she knows the flea force don’t see it for her like that. The diamond is slipping.
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