The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

It’s … strange Crystal would sink her only ally when she knows the flea force don’t see it for her like that. The diamond is slipping.

Or, she's far more savvy than we all realise and knows that she has a storyline with Sutton and Garcelle that's taking away screentime from Flop Farce Five? I'm still not sure. Somehow, I can't quite shake the idea this feels a little manufactured.
We're in for another 4 part reunion, huh.
He alluded to legal action yesterday. I'm thinking Rinna's lawyers got to him and that's what pushed him to come clean? This whole thing is so odd.

I'd say the reunion will be gold but I'm not even convinced Kathy will show.
I’m on vacation so I’m not fully caught up, but I don’t in any way believe Kathy had anything to do with that scandal. Still, these frauds will end up blaming her for it, including Kyle. Kathy is too rich to do something so sloppy. If she wanted to hire a team to damage Rinna, they’d be amplifying her racist TMZ video talking about how ghetto Black people are or the Sid and Nancy stuff. You can definitely hire a team to damage someone’s reputation if you have the money and Kathy does.

Also, are we all in agreement that Diana just doesn’t work? I know it’s early, but you can tell when you want more from a HW and I just don’t see it for her. She is boring and shouldn’t have a Diamond. Her personal storyline is boring and so are her interactions with the group. She needs to join Kathryn, Carlton and Joyce who all were more interesting than her. One and done please!