The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I'm glad Gryslutton will be adding Sheree and Kathy to their numbers, but they really, really need a united front going into the rest of this season and the reunion. No more subdued Garcelle and trembling Sutton, please. Also Crystal will need to do something, anything.

I'm glad the girls are producing themselves and creating storylines without Rinna, Erika, Kyle, or Dorit involved. However, I'd rather them get along with funny banter, comedy, and then annihilating the hags.
In my fantasy, Rinna would get her ass handed to her at the reunion by Kathy & co. but if I'm honest... I'm a dreamer, I dream a lot in my sleep. It won't happen. Kathy will stay nonchalant, Kyle won't defend her sister and Garcelle will just mouth "wow..." anytime Rinna starts throwing shots at them and Sutton will fumble it. That or Kathy will throw a cyst and disease to silence the chatter.
Sutton didn't fumble it at the last reunion, she didn't get a chance. Andy was too far up Shitika's back side to let any of them really go at her.
Note how different Denise was treated at the S10 Zoomunion to the Shitty Mess in S11's.

With her doing the whole "the victims might have been paid so aren't victims..." crap and treating producers like shit, on aired footage, it might not be as much of a bed of roses for her this time (and I don't believe she got a copy of the questions before the Reunion like he told Jen Shah, but I do believe her team did).
On a separate note, I decided to give Two T's in a Pod a chance while I was travelling yesterday. I thought I'd put my biases about Teddi aside and went into it thinking that she might not be so abysmal with Tamra acting as her co-host. Perhaps she'd be a natural at presenting! How wrong was I. She talks loudly, constantly references her own time on Housewives more than needed, displays extreme bias towards the Fox Force Five and moans about listeners writing in to tell her she's basically shit at the job dd. Even Tamra's got on at her about it.

I'll get dragged but I'd swap Teddi for Leah. Leah used to have a podcast with Laura Stylez pre-housewives and it was legitimately great. Plus she watches all the shows and has generally good taste in favourites. Teddi just has.... zero redeeming qualities.
I'd love Leah and Tinsley together on a podcast. Hopefully, Leah would use it as an opportunity to talk about what really happened behind the scenes during Series 13.