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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. The only frustrating part for me in regards to Crystal's behavior is her complete refusal to just say it. Sutton and Garcelle told her that Sutton was ok with her repeating this "dark possibly damaging" moment do it instead of this "I'm not going to say it, it's like really bad!!".

    You know Andy's not going to let it go at the reunion and production will scour the footage from Tahoe to find whatever you're alluding to which is going to result in two possible scenarios:

    A) you're going to look boo boo the fool when the footage comes out and it's awkward and tone deaf like the "I don't see color" or jacuzzi story but born more out of white privilege and ignorance versus outright racial prejudice


    B) you'll look awkward if something actually damaging comes out for keeping your mouth shut and allowing a fellow POC cast member to maintain a friendship with this person without this contextual information.

    It's literally a lose-lose situation for her.

    I don't agree with the white cast members approach to this situation at all, and I felt incredibly uncomfortable watching Rinna, Sutton and Kyle come at Crystal but Garcelle has a point that if something dark was said - which, ironically, Erika pointed out correctly is going to lead to people filling in the blanks with their imagination in the worst possible way - then, as a black women, she also deserves to know what was said as it will color her own interactions/friendship with Sutton moving forward.

    Whether Crystal wants to admit it or not, she's entitled to her feelings but she also needs to realize that her words have actions and implications. My take-away when she uses the word "dark" in this context is that Sutton said something incredibly prejudicial/outright racist or used some kind of racial slur versus the incredibly tone deaf statement that we saw. If it's the former, that would also color my opinion on Sutton as a viewer and whether she deserves this platform moving forward.
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  2. WHEW thank you for coming to my TedTalk

  3. Needs more clunky nicknames (kii) but I agree with everything you have laid out here.
  4. Whatever Sutton said or didn't, Crystal has just helped solidify these first episodes as The Sutton Show.

    Providing she isn't a secret racist, her fans are eust growing and growing as she pays Shitika no mind and then all this.
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  5. I am so confused by this whole thing between Crystal and Sutton, so was the whole thing about the Jacuzzi comment or what?
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  6. You know, it's funny because before we knew there were 8 diamonds, all the tea accounts said Sutton was gonna get demoted and was fading into the background. So far, she's carrying!

    This is what next season needs:

    I'd be open to Camille, but Kim organically can be easily slotted in and she delivers.
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  7. I will never forgive Crystal for making me agree with The Accused this week.
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  8. Erika Nicole Smith really did make some points and I hate that!!
  9. It must boil Rinna’s and Kyle’s piss that Kathy was at Britney’s wedding with the likes Madonna and Donatella. Kathy wins.
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  10. There's no room for cryptic and vague behaviour on reality TV, especially on a show like Housewives where it's your job to be confrontational. Lisa Rinna is an annoying, untalented rat but at least she stays true to just spitting it out rather than harbouring it, even if I hardly ever agree with her. Crystal set herself up for failure the moment she used the word "dark." The whole thing could have been avoided if she just said to Garcelle that her reaction was based off a set of extremely lengthy conversations rather than one comment. Done.
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  11. I don’t know, I can’t shake the sense that both Crystal and Sutton know exactly what Crystal is really referring to. I think it’s entirely possible the moment wasn’t caught on camera, and Crystal knows she may lose out in a she-said, she-said moment. The current situation as it stands isn’t exactly going in her favor either, but I’m just not buying the “Crystal just uses such dark, dramatic words!!” bull that the women have been trying to pin on her since she correctly used the word violated in a sentence.
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  12. Don’t forget that this pivot into rehashing the Sutton-Crytsal darkness was orchestrated by both Kyle and Garcelle because they didn’t want to reckon with having invalidated Crystal’s feelings last year! Part of the reason the dark comment is getting so much attention isn’t because the women really care, it’s because they’re working to deflect from another issue.
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  13. Garcelle is just so powerful this year, even 5 episodes in
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  14. The Crystal/Sutton situation makes no sense. There has to be something else that Crystal is refusing to bring up (which she pretty much said on WWHL) but I don't know why she's refusing to say it when Sutton has no problem with it. No one in this group knows how to communicate and it's so infuriating.
  15. See, I thought this too till Crystal tried to bring Garcelle in and ask “was it problematic to you?”and trying one last ditch effort to make something out of nothing. Could there be more? Maybe but again, she’s not playing it properly. At least with Rinna, she comes out and says it… “Were people doing coke in your bathroom?”
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  16. She isn’t playing it properly, but it’s setting up for a delicious reunion moment if there really is something there and she goes for it. I think she wanted to put the cat back in the bag and just went with whatever Sutton told Garcelle.
  17. I'm catching up, but Erika suggesting the victims are lying. Kinda stanning nn.
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  18. I'm annoyed they keep emphasizing how Diana gets clothes sent to her house because...all these women do.
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  19. How unlikeable do you have to be to almost be splattered across the carpet and exhaust all sympathy by two episodes later ddd
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