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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Diana talking about the Madam rumours and how they were disproven, the new Pretty Mess indeed.
  2. Crystal sitting there like a mute doll that had all the batteries removed as other people were trying to fuel this utterly empty debate and give it even more oxygen... draining. At least Kyle looks like she's really started seeing which way the wind is turning and openly moving closer towards Sutton and Garcelle.

    Garcelle tolerating none of the dinner fuckery was another Legend move.

    This show really needs a clean sweep of removing Crystal, Diana and Dorit who are just a woeful clog of passive observers and barely background noise. The show really needs kinetic igniters (like Garcelle and Sutton), not comatose commentators.

    Ideally they can take Erika with them as well.
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  3. An episode where I can openly stan Kyle! I can't wait until she ruins it next week.

    I hope this is the end of this Sutton/Crystal mess because they're both just talking in circles at this point. I'm still enjoying this season so far even though it's not eventful. I need Erika to combust a little more.
  4. This was a great episode for Kyle and Garcelle, and despite them not exactly coming across well, Erika and Sutton. I'm not totally willing to give up on Crystal but Diana is an immediate fire for me, and at this point... Dorit has to go.
  5. Diana choosing to focus her storyline on...Sutton eating bacon. I fucking hate her!!
  6. Sutton needs to know that there are vegan bacons out there!
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  7. I’m living for drunk Erika, teebs. Her playing counselor at that dinner was hilarious.
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  8. Dumb, Dumber and Dorit has SENT me.
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  9. Has our new Willain Diana fucked it already

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  10. Fucking hell, what a mess.
  11. Oh yeah. She needs to go after that. I don't need to hear any excuses or explanation either.
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  12. UM what the fuck?? *Ken Todd voice* Goodbye Diana!! What a piece of shit.
  13. Sanela is vile and has been even before getting casted I have no idea how she got through to the show in the first place
  14. What the fuck?! What was she even going for with that?! Vile.
    The comment is still there on the original post by the way.
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  15. Well it wasn’t nice while it lasted, cya Diana.
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  16. Christ. Fuck her. She better be fired immediately.
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  17. So when is Lisa Rinna gonna talk about it?
  18. Oi Madam
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  19. Giving Teddi a run for her money as the worst casting of all time. The Beverly Hills producers have outdone themselves again!
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