The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I assume the entire group will stay quiet at the request of the network but I can see Garcelle commenting on it in some capacity.

Bravo apologised for taking too long to take action when Jennie's comments surfaced so if they don't act swiftly with Diana then.. welp. I look forward to Andy explaining himself out of this one if nothing is done.
Diana has responded (grabbed this from Twitter), come through Crystal calling her up straight away.
The funniest part of that "apology" is that the persons bio doesn't say they're a "Black content creator." She only knew that because they have five posts, three of which are of the person who happens to be a Black woman.

There was an old news article about her being racist, so this doesn't surprise me. Here is the article about her being racist to a Black security guard:

It's funny how all of her actions only seem to make the rumors about her seem MORE believable, not less.
I feel like Bravo is going to take her at her word for this sadly... I don't know why I just get that feeling after reading her 'statement.'

Watch Bravo do nothing about this and keeping her on because she’s white. TRUST!

PROVE ME WRONG, Andy Cokeden.
This won't be addressed by Bravo, and if anyone brings it up I'm sure Andy will just parrot what she's said.

We'll still be seeing her in the background, licking her lips, adding nothing, while Rinna kicks her leg up and cackles after selling out yet another friend for the cameras for a few years to come.