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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I really think that ideally the solution would be to fire either Rinna or Erika, regardless of my (very negative) opinion of them, the biggest issue is out of the four force flop whatever, they are the ones most responsible of the dynamics getting stale, Dorit has shown that she is able to play both sides of the fence (see the Denise situation), also out of the four them she's the one that pulls less gravitas if you get what I mean, and Kim's sister is not going anywhere soon.

    Having the Fox force flop reduced to a trio would be ideal in my opinion to turn the dynamics less stale.

    I am quite convinced that Erika will get the boot after this season, whereas Rinna, even though she is literally gone absolutely batshit online I think she'll be safe.

    Diana Jenkins at this point has to be a one and done housewife, the reception online has been overwhelmingly negative towards her.
  2. I don't think Erika or Rinna are exiting anytime soon. I imagine they see some mileage with Erika's personal storyline and Rinna seems to have execs by the balls because they seem to love her.

    With that said, we'll definitely see some adjustments after this year. Diana's definitely out, I think they'll take a risk and axe Dorit as well. Crystal's spot is also at risk. On the flip side... the ratings are great so they might change very little. Bias and kii's aside, the current cast dynamics will be dry as fuck by the end of the season. We don't need another year of Erika vs Sutton.
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  3. My thoughts exactly.
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  4. Diana needs to go before Dorit but I fear the former will stay and the latter will leave.

  5. Diane can get out. Diane’s son can get all the way in though.

    Crystal getting dropped by 14 friends is a story I 100% see for her ddd something about her seems so disingenuous and her pick me tendencies are really showing.

    Also if the robbers only stole a few earrings and PK’s fake Rolex where are all of Dorits nice clothes??? She’s giving Matalan. She’s giving Holly Willoughby collection.
  6. [​IMG]
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  8. Binna literally poking a bear here

    It's giving, she's scrambling for a S13 storyline if IconKim does come back as a guest.

    I hope Kath screnshots and borrows Monique's binder for the Reunion
  9. I agree that unfortunately, Rinna and Erika are quite embedded. Rinna seems adored by Bravo and I feel Erika won't go until the chance of her getting hit by more legal action and found guilty fully passes.

    Diana and Crystal will both be gone and I think Dorit with them. She's been coasting for years and even with this very well timed break in storyline, there's so little from her she's demonstrated she's got little more than FoH level contributions left in her.
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  10. Dorit is currently in Cannes with Garcelle for a big Bravo event with Andy. I think Dorit might be safer than we think. Dorit is likely easy to deal with in contract negotiations which might be what saves her. I'm not sure, but they seem to like her.
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  11. Well Kim obviously didn’t make it up because there’s been that rumor floating around for years about the actress they (supposedly) ran out of town.
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  12. Wasn't that disproven?
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  13. Which one?
    The actress?
    Or the homosexual lover in Canada?
    The constantly remortgaged house?
    The whole secret family in Canada?
  14. Returned to the service who leases them to her.
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  15. This is the exact moment Madame decided to change her face from Amanda Holden's to Cheryl's.
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  16. I don’t know whether it was or not. I just mean that Kim didn’t actually pull it out of the air, at the time that rumor was floating around.
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  17. Le' Archive.
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  18. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she has HW clients. TBH, some of them (especially from the smaller cities) would be smart to go to someone like Marlo to step up their style.
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