The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I think the Erika/Sutton stuff is cute. You can tell this season that Erika has wanted Sutton's attention and she's finally getting it. Maybe they work things out because I remember Erika thanking her for sending her a cake to celebrate the season premiere. I truly think Sutton was the victim of storyline when it came to Erika. Personally, I would've been most mad at KYLE, who was Erika's close friend and talking shit the entire season. They just made Sutton the scapegoat for everybody's questions about the Tom scandal.

I can't wait for this weeks episode because we're finally at the transition where Sheree and Kathy come on. It's been fun, but I'm ready for something new and I'm curious to see things fall apart. I hope Sheree isn't as much of a dud as Diana has been.
It's been fun,
It has?
Garcelle is so terrible this episode. First lamenting that she’s unable to mire the show to rehashing Erika’s legal issues to no end and then for the second time this season bringing up the names of fired cast members in a lame attempt to elicit reactions from parts of the cast/pander to the internet.

This season, her contributions otherwise have been to help orchestrate a gang up on Crystal and to make digs at her castmates only from the safety of the confessionals.

Lame! She’s a lot like Kyle at this point, and we don’t need another one.
Garcelle was just as bad last season as she is this season, let's be honest. A total buzzkill and fun killer.

Erika was such a star this episode. She's amazing TV.