The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Dorit posing at a glass window in season 10 is more iconic than anything that has happened so far in season 12.
The two best scenes we've had this season so far...

What an interesting episode to air right after Diana's issues with Black people have been revealed in the press... mean to tell me we've seen no negative interaction, but she suddenly has a problem with Garcelle? I'm sorry, but she is telling on herself and it's clear where she stands.
Diana has such a sinister soul sucking energy anytime she appears on screen.

The fact her comments have already been swepped under the rug, not brought up at all with Dorit defending her on'm ready for Garcelle to gather her next week and every week after.

T*ddi may be a lot of things but Sutton really hit the nail on the head, Diana is completely souless.