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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. This is not looking good for Diana and I am living! The article of her being racist to her neighbour is being dragged up again, closely followed by this episode where she feels the only person she has not connected with... is Garcelle... the only black cast member.

    At this point just give us Kathy.
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  2. I love that Diana is a template for what NOT to do when you introduce a new Housewife. What a wreckage.
  3. Diana and Teddi - tied for bottom place in the Housewives rate.
  4. Hopefully Diana will be a one and done housewife!
  5. So this last episode felt like a season closer before we mlve on to the rest
    I honestly enjoyed Erika and Sutton a lot!!!

    PS Garcelle's birthday better include the women from The Real being shady to a messy Erika, and also, looks like the first BH party ever I would personally want to attend
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  6. Also, double post,
    I am fucking ready for this
  7. So excited for Sheree and what this midseason premiere (that's what it feels like!) brings. I hope the next set of storylines is more interesting than what we've had thus far.
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  8. So is Sheree a new full time housewife? Why is she only starting the season now?

    Diana is really pointless on this show. Hopefully she is gone next season.
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  9. Isn’t Sheree a Friend Of and not a housewife? Diana shouldn’t have been cast, though I’ll allow it if it means some dirt comes out regarding that book of hers.
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  10. Sheree is a friend of. She was added to the cast because Garcelle and the fans really campaigned for it. When Diana was announced there was a lot of disappointment that Sheree wasn't chosen, so I feel like they played catch up which is why she debuted so late. She'd already given interviews during last season saying she wanted to do the show and she filmed with Garcelle both seasons so I'm unsure why they wouldn't have jumped at the chance to add her.
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  11. NOT me liking this episode and the next one looks GOOD!

    I WANT A LOT OF DICK! - Erika Jayne
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  12. I’m obsessed by the final group shot in the opening credits where Vicki is disassociating before being ordered to jazz hands at the camera.
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  13. I really hope Garcelle's birthday gets things going because this season is becoming such a slog to get through. There's something so dark-sided about Sanela, even her constant lip-licking feels eerie.
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  14. Sutton snatching up a role on Season 2 of Chucky! Let's get Jennifer Tilley in the mix for S13.
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  15. God, the way I love Sheree already
  16. Not them rehashing pantygate...this is a god test.
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