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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Not them rehashing pantygate...this is a god test.
  2. Anyone named Sheree is automatically a reality TV icon.

  3. Lit Erika on the boat was a whole vibe! Her rambling about her living a perfect life on a boat was hilarious!
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  4. It also seemed very rehearsed. How many times did Erika need to mention “I’m lit!!!” before they even got on board. She, alongside Binna are terrible actors.
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  5. The only way I will tolerate this is if we get a flashback to "LISA: IF I CAN SMELL YOUR BREATH, YOU'RE TOO CLØSE".
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  6. I, too, yearn for the days when Dorit had a personality and a mind of her own <3
  7. I’m also here for the editing when Dorit waffles. Kyle was bubbling to laugh for ages.
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  8. Dorit/PK v LVP media sniping is so yawnsome at this point. No one cares whether you're speaking or not.
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  9. Dorit has not served ONE SINGLE LEWK this season.

    She needs to SASHAY AWAY!

  10. We love to hear about it, and pray she gets dragged over the coals about them earrings by Team Right
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  11. Those photos...

    Ronald Richards is a MESSY MAN
  12. God this show needs revamping badly. Next season, they need to clean house and get rid of at least Diana (who should have never been on in the first place) & 3 others.
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  13. Lock Diana up in an outlet store. Please.
  14. Last season was a bit of a reprieve but realistically, it was still just smoke screening how tired most of the cast are and essentially being carried by Sutton and Garcelle. Agreed that we need a good four exits to try and open up fresher dynamics and remove the autopilot behaviours that are so deeply embedded.

    Diana, Crystal, Dorit and Rinna or Erika need to go.
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  15. I feel like with the ratings and it being a press darling, they won't make many changes unless someone WANTS to leave. Yes we know there is dead weight, but other than Diana and Crystal, I wouldn't count on them getting rid of anybody else. Look at Dorit, everybody thought she'd be gone after last season and she's back giving nothing yet again. Until the bubble bursts, I feel like they'll just keep adding people and having a large cast of 8-10 women.
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  16. Fire Diana and Crystal. Demote Dorit. Bring Kim and Brandi back into the fold (especially if Kathy sticks around).

    Kyle, Lease A Rental, The Shitty Mess, Garcelle, Sutton, Sheree, Dorit, Kathy, Kim and Brandi would be a good group to follow.
  17. I still stand by my opinion that the Shitty Mess will get fired after this season.
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  18. She gets the most press out of the cast and has an unresolved story, I doubt they're going to fire her any time soon.
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