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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I feel she needs to organise a one on one trip with her, their dynamic is very good so far this seaosn

    Though I feel the Kathy stuff might blow it all apart.
    Exciting times
  2. Wow, I didn't think it was possible to stan Garcelle/hate Diana more but here we are.
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  3. Kyle and Mauricio seem awfully invested in Diana…

  4. She's probably some property to sell
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  5. I’m sure “I have given money to Haiti and Africa so I can’t be racist” is going to go over well with the internet!
  6. Oh yeah honey, you’re done.
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  7. But she said she had a language barrier in understanding the black instagrammer she called out...
    Yet that barrier doesn't seem to exist anywhere else in her loife.
    Make it make sense Madame

    Also imagine projecting your White Saviour narrative onto the only black woman on the show, why do I feel she's going to bring up Haiti in a future episode?
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  8. she'll never be the true humanitarian queen

  9. Diana's publicist reading that instagram post

  10. Not her tagging all the women
  11. Cor, Diana is such a disaster casting. There's no depth or star power - she's just rich, soulless and vacuous. There was me thinking RHOBH casting has improved after Sutton and Garcelle!
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  12. Can Diana just fuck off and repay those 500k for the misinformation about her shitty beverages.
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  13. Diana seems like a wretched person but watching others interact with her is hilarious and I enjoyed her presence in this episode. She made Sutton look sane!
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  14. Diana seemed like a good choice on paper but I don’t know why they didn’t demote her after these disastrous showings.
  15. Sutton is a star! The confessionals! The Strackting!
  16. I'm rewatching the episode and it's just perplexing to me. It's funny to hear Diana call Sutton boring when legit all she has is her wealth, she's brought nothing else to the table/show that makes me like her. And what's the issue re: bacon eating vegetarian? Such a small thing to get hung up on for no apparent reason.

    I still don't understand what sort of relationship Diana has with her boyfriend... And her little moment with the bag, it's worth and the comment of it not getting stolen felt really distasteful.
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  17. I actually don't mind Diana as villainous scum, but last night was the first time she's truly displayed that energy. If she can maintain it, I could be here for inclusion, but I also doubt The Real Call Girl of Calabasas will be able to.
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  18. Rinna commented "When you have receipts, you show them" on Diana's disastrous white-savior Instagram post...
  19. Oh lord. Rinna's instagram stories... a complete mess. Garcelle really has the girls wound up.
  20. Just let Rinna dig her own grave Garcelle.

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