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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Candiace replying Andy saying “you are a mess” with a smile and thank you. I will never forget that.
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  2. I'm no fan of Vanderpump and her tedious gameplaying, but I think her presence would really upset Kyle, so I'm quite happy to see her threaten a return.
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  3. LVP is a complete coward and would be nothing more than a wet blanket if she ever returned. Even Denise managed to show more mettle.
  4. Jesus Diana was trying soooooo hard but I guess I should be thankful she's doing something at this point.
  5. I don't know what episode of Dynasty she watched before going to that birthday, but she was trying to give Alexis so hard.

    She could have been fun, if the more I see her onscreen I didn't become more convinced most the rumours about her are true.
  6. Diana is giving me Peggy #100thHousewife vibes. She makes not a lick of sense and her fighting style seems to mainly be confusion.
  7. She was definitely attempting an Erika style intimidation moment, except it made zero sense cause she had literally no reason to actually be upset with Sutton.
  8. Something about Diana's "fiance" saying "I think you wore the right thing tonight" doesn't sit right with me.
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  9. The betchy cig jumped out hence why he made that remark.
  10. BYE
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    I gagged.
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  12. Kyle reacting like that to a SOULLESS remark? I cannot with her sometimes.
  13. Also, I fucking hate a TBC when there's nothing to be CONTINUED TO BEGIN WITH.

  14. So my mom said that Sutton and Garcelle are her least favorite. That they just cause drama.

  15. Is emancipation still a thing?
  16. Production must have defo given Diana a nudge to turn it up!
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  17. Diana makes Erika likeable... that's how bad she is!! Jokes aside, at least she's doing something now but it's virtually everyone vs Garcelle and Sutton at this point. I admire how hard they're riding for each other this year but they really need some back up next season. Especially when Kyle, Dorit, Rinna and Erika have a pact not go after each beyond a trivial level. Now they have Diana and Crystal too (Crystal said she and Rinna went on vacation together after filming wrapped).
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  18. Erika’s lucky Garcelle didn’t snatch her right then and there because my ass would have.
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  19. Did she confuse Jax with an orphan?
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