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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. The posts in that #RHOBHMeanGirls hashtag are soul reviving
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  2. Vyle’s behavior towards Sutton is a new low! How could you possibly accuse someone of lying about their trauma and then proceed to manhandle them?! Truly rotten behavior. Weren’t you just criticizing her for being unempathetic? What a hypocrite. She had no right to insert herself into that conversation to begin with.
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  3. This is genuinely outrageous. I mean 'get to the Job Centre' outrageous.
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  4. I know being a contrarian is your whole thing in this thread but this is embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as Erika hitting on Oliver!

    The way these woman treat Sutton is disgusting. Constantly minimizing what she’s been through. First it was her dad’s suicide now it’s gonna be her miscarriages? So gross.
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  5. Wait not Mauricio following the whole Trump clan on Instagram cjdkdk bye
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  6. Can you not all finally see that Mauricio is TRASH?!
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  7. Thinking of Diana bragging that she “drops nukes” when it comes to shade, then proceeding to deliver the most reductive reads I’ve ever heard. All being co-signed by Vyle.

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  8. Kim really told us about Maurice all along
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  9. Yikes.
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  10. This whining over Sutton trying to connect with a supposed friends by sharing her experience is giving incel. Some of yous never go outside and it kinda shows.
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  11. Bravo Twitter is out for BLOOD this week I can't get enough

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  12. I wonder how Wednesday night will be on social media since everybody has already gone insane over this. It's gonna be a long week of draggings for these Beverly Hills housewives!
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  13. The producer's knew what they were doing giving us two extra days of the mess
    And we knew Binna would go to this after her social media mess of the last two weeks
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  14. Rinna is just trying to keep her job. There was a blind item saying her PR team was scrambling because she finally went too far and they couldn't save her. I expect from now, through the reunion she will be in damage control mode. Expect nonstop tears and apologies at the reunion. She needs this check more than any of these women.
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  15. Ah yes, the old "I am a racist because my mother died" defense.
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  16. The thing about Sutton is literally all she does is mention a similar experience and then leaves it there for the other person to continue. It’s not like she takes over the conversation and makes it about her she literally just lets them know she understands and allows them space to speak??

    Diana and Vyle are horrific
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  17. I'm sure QVC + Rinna Beauty stepped in to tell her if she wanted to sell more of SHIT she gotta keep her mouth shut and be back in the good graces of the GP.
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  18. I mean, if anyone handled Kyle the way she did Sutton, it would be a season long drama about how she was physically assaulted. Brandi vs Kyle Season 5 says hello!

    Erika, Kyle, Dorit, Binna and Diana are all fucking trash. Let’s not forget that’s Dorit was there, acted shocked when Garcelle confronted Erika in the moment then continued to laugh about later on. She’s also evil.
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  19. Dorit is disappointing because sometimes she shows a glimmer of being better than the assholes she's aligned herself with, but she really does go along to get along.

    Knowing how important other people's approval is to Kyle, I am loving how she and Maurice are getting roasted alive on social media. I hope Kim is enjoying it too.
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