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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. It's why I can't rate Dorit more than a 6/10 maximum in the Housewives rate, despite me loving her at times. She clearly thought what Erika did was inappropriate and wrong, but instead saved it for a confessional and also laughed about it with Kyle and those nasty ass husbands.
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  2. I just caught up on the preview clips and the one where Kyle literally grabbed Sutton by the shoulder while still insisting she has some authority over Sutton's history of miscarriages was classic OC levels of dark, damn.
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  3. It's all so awful, I bet Kathy is sat recovering from Britney's Wedding breathing a huge sigh of relief.

    Two more weeks till she Hunky Dory's back in, calls a Fag a Fag, punches Rinna in the left tit, and confirms that Kyle did infact steal Kim's goddamn house.
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  4. I have to laugh, the Flop Force Four thought this would be Kathy's takedown season and they would look good in the eyes of the viewers but really, whats happening right now is going to completely overshadow whatever Kathy said about Kyle.

    Garcelle, Sutton & Kathy win again.

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  6. The only reason I would keep Rinna, just imagine.
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  7. Literal mother.
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  8. It’s like all this opened the gates of hell. Someone commented on one of Portia’s posts to tell her dad to get his face fixed because it looks like the Scream mask. What in the world.
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  9. I know that none of them will be held accountable to any degree during Andy's annual White Privilege Meetings with the cast a.k.a. the reunion. Which, absolutely sucks.
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  10. My social anxiety senses are tingling because I always do what Sutton does nn. I do it to relate (I imagine she does too), but it rubs some people the wrong way.
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  11. Of course T*ddi has cancelled the podcast this week. Even she knows there is no way to defend this mess with Tamra sitting right there who attacked Kelly in Ireland for talking about her daughter.
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  12. When the reunion comes around watch Kyle, Lisa, Diana and Dorit victimise themselves as a result of online trolls and how their families were also affected! There will be rehearsed tears, that will actually be real because these morons will truly believe they are the victim in all of this.

    Garcelle’s energy right now in response is perfect, laying love on her lovely boys instead of responding to idiots. She better gather them come reunion. Then gather Andy too.
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  13. The lashings are deserved

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  14. Kyle is claiming that she would have had a different reaction if she had actually seen Erika yelling at Jax, but in the clip of her laughing about what happened she explicitly says that Erika cursed at Garcelle’s 14 year old son…so whether she had seen it or not she knew exactly what happened. I just know she’s scared, shook, panicking right now and the episode hasn’t even aired yet!
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  15. I have never seen Kyle being this relentlessly dragged. I just know the crocodile tears are coming next.
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  16. Kyle being a true friend and jumping into the volcano so Rinna can live another day ddd
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  17. No on a serious note I have never seen Kyle be dragged so hard. The thought of her trying to back peddle out of this one is hilarious. It is so deserved.

    I know the content of what Kyle/Dorit were discussing has rightfully taken up most of the discussion but the whole scene felt like something they wanted to do for Erika after they were caught with the husbands badmouthing her last year. It’s so obvious they wanted to make sure they were seen to be praising how “free” she is. Gross.

    The flop force have never been weaker. Someone will either administer the final blow or they will implode and turn on each other like rabid dogs. Either one will be delicious.
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  18. Let’s hope Dorit is next!
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  19. Now would be the perfect opportunity for Kyle to go back to her backstabbing ways and throw Rinna & Erika under the bus! Give Sutton a few shares of The Agency, grow a backbone, & finally ascend to being an iconic evil nightmare instead of just an evil nightmare.

    Instead, she'll make herself the victim and we'll have Andy giving them a group hug during the reunion.
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