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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Sutton has money money if she's getting invited to couture shows. Her son's hot too.
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  2. Someone, or a pair will administer...
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  3. The only thing making me nervous is Kathy stuff is coming up so I hope they don't forget about this whole thing come reunion.
  4. It's gonna be bad for her, cause at least Kyle can say she just saw the clips now and didn't realise how horrible and aggressive Erika was behaving. But Dorit was literally sitting right next to her. She has no excuse for not speaking up more in the moment and then still giggling about it after.
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  5. I wonder if Erika's attempt at smearing Kathy is her way of deflecting this current shitshow. She must know how this is going to look i.e. really shitty like her singing.
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  6. I hope Kathy is in the right for whatever this upcoming mess is. In that case, I vote that we get a Very Special Episode with guest stars Kim, Brandi, LVP, & Carlton and they all take turns chasing Kyle around in a Michael Myers costume.

    After that, fire Kyle, Rinna, Erika, Diana, & Dorit and start over.
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  8. The fact the rumours are it's only Erika that heard what Kathy said that wasn't about Kyle (I mean, would they really be on a night out and not be micced up?), and the producers are already showing us what a mess she is, makes me think they want to disprove ha
  9. How did this season go from the Real Housewives of Banality Hills to half the cast being cancelled in one episode?

    I’ve got whiplash.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Scream! This season really went from mind-numbingly boring to literally watching people get abused.
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  12. We stand with Sutton and Jax (who's 14)
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  13. This season we stand with:
    - Garcelle
    - Jax (who's 14)
    - Sutton
    - Sutton's Red Shoulder
    - Kyle's Dogs
    - Kathy Hilton's Abuse of Kyle
    - Sheree's Vagina
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  14. Does anyone even know why Erika told him to fuck off?? Like I know she’s no comedy genius but if it was an attempt at humour…
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  15. Who cares?

    She told a 14 year old to Fuck Off... and as Garcelle says, whatever the context, it's not Ok
  16. As a Kim Richards stan, seeing the downfall of Vyle and Ratna has been so satisfying to watch.
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  17. She is so damn messy but the way Sutton has carried the entire season with the help of Garcelle and Scamika... I just knew from the moment she called Teddi boring in the ugliest outfit of all time I had to stan.
  18. I just watched a preview and wow Kyles behaviour is disgusting..
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  19. This video is the most perfect thing of all time
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  20. Vyle is trying to clarify on IG with another 'I hope you know me well enough by now" spiel *eye roll*. Yes we do, and you're trash.
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