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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I keep seeing girls who resemble Camille and have to resist telling them “You look so much like Camille Grammer” to avoid the inevitable “Who??” response. But she really does serve real life barbie. Stunner.
  2. Homeless Not Toothless.
  3. Dorit's Homeless Not Toothless Never Forget All Gold Party Seafood Soiree
  4. We're not at Amsterdam levels yet.

    And don't we know it Kyle.
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  5. I screamed. KATHY NO.
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  6. The way I ran out of my living room like I was Kyle in Amsterdam when Kathy said that.

    So much secondhand embarrassment.
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  7. Oh... that's not-
  8. Could she have meant Precious Lee? The model?
  9. A charity called “Homeless not Toothless”…
    Kathy calling Lizzo “Precious”…
    Lisa Rinna’s existence…

    I hate this show.
  10. Mauricio shouting out Dorit’s name before PK had even finished his question.
  11. Not Precious!
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  12. Help. Please, we need help.
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  13. Lisa Rinna crying…. Her worst performance yet.
  14. I haven’t even made it that but speaking of worst performances…Miss Rothen on the piano. PUKE.
  15. In theory a parmigiana night to raise awareness of…toothlessness (??) among the homeless with special guest Melissa Etheridge (????) could’ve been high comedy but instead it’s all set up to climax with a scene of Rinna’s phony crocodile tears. I hate it here.

    The only thing more pathetic is Diana’s wannabe husband.
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  16. Oh god. I know she meant it in a completely harmless way but this is not it.
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  17. Literally just skipped through Diana's solo scene.

  18. I absolutely LOATHE this season.
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  19. Diana's husband

  20. I think I'm starting to develop some sort of trauma response to this cast because I watched live but I don't remember anything after the scene of Asher playing the piano.
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