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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. This was a masterful moment of improvised mockery. I loved every second.
  2. Sutton and Garcelle continue to remind us that everyone else needs to step up or get out. Erika continues to be exhausting and Rinna continues to show off her Daytime Emmy nominated (but no wins) soap opera acting skills...
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  3. The one bright spot in this slog of a season is Sutton learning how to stand her ground in a fight and dishing it back to Erika and Rinna when they start with her. If she brings it to the reunion then all 300 hours of filler we’ve had to sit through might end up being worth it.
  4. They need to demote Dorito (unless she brings it), keep Kyle and Crystal, upstep Sheree, obviously Garslutton become the main stars, and then offer us four new Housewives with an option of two or three diamonds up for grabs, and let the games begin.
    Wheel out Kathy and Kim for a "we hate Rinna" tea party, and let Camille start appearing at group events.
    It's the only way to move out of this hump, and I'm enjoying this season unlike the rest of you... but it could have been 8 episodes long at this point.
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  5. Tbh I thought this ep was a bit of a serve. Dorit was at her camp best and it’s moments like this which make her even more frustrating because she does bring value to the show when she decides to.

    Garcelle at this point is being messy about Erikas drinking. I’m not calling her out for it because the show needs it but I do think this was her decided brand of get back after Erika was inappropriate to her children and that’s completely fair enough.
  6. I understand re: Garcelle bringing up her drinking constantly can come across as a targeted attack but I think she is the only one of the group outside of Sutton who is willing to hold Erika accountable to her words and sees that all of her vile behavior is only amplified while drinking on her medication.

    I mean Erika talked inappropriately about Garcelle's oldest son and his wife, she swore at her younger sons, she being extremely disrespectful about her Crystal's eating disorder, she acted like a fool at Diana's holiday party (even though I'm low-key glad because I loathe Diana) and even her constantly trying to come at Sutton ("Slander, slaaaaander... interesting, slander!", etc), it's unacceptable.

    Meanwhile Kyle and Dorit are all like "Well, it's nice to see her let loose".
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  7. It’s a testament to how checked out I am when watching this show that it only just hit me how awful “Homeless Not Toothless” is as a name … what were they thinking?
  8. The idea of there being a charitable organisation who picks homeless people off the street, gives them veneers and then dumps them back on Skid Row is sending me into oblivion.
  9. There must be a tax-break in it for the Dentists would be my thoughts
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  10. That Dr Saleh can get it though. Wow!
  11. A rat stays a rat as if we didn’t know already that she was spewing bullshit last season…..

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  12. Bring back Valerie Cherish
  13. Dr Saleh has been my dentist for the last five years ddd. Seeing him show up this week was quite a trip. His poor wife at that dinner! Can confirm he is even hotter in person.
  14. When is Kathy calling someone a fag in Aspen or whatever?
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  15. She was giving RHONY extra and I lived
  16. Now why the fuck did they delete this. The producers stay scamming for Kyle.
  17. Kathy was the best part of this week's flopisode.
  18. If I look at it objectively, this was a boring episode but I was screaming at the entire Homeless Not Toothless saga along with Rinna & Sutton screaming at each other just for Melissa Etheridge to orchestrate a ceasefire.

    This season is a flop that I'm still enjoying watching for some reason.
  19. This is where I'm at. This is objectively a boring lackluster season, but I've been able to finish episodes.

    Maybe it's the underlying feeling that we may finally be in a transitional season where we'll be getting rid of Rinna and Diana at a minimum to change up the dynamics.
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