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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I have to say, the ladies stanning over Melissa Etheridge really shows their demographic. I didn’t even know who she is, despite having a nice voice.
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  2. Wait. Let Rinna stay so Denise can come back, team up with Garcelle and Sutton and annihilate her.

  3. How did Sheree turn out to be such a flop

    Sis, they’re ganging up on Garcelle because she doesn’t fall in line and excuse their bullshit, not because she’s friends with Sutton.
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  4. I know Denise didn’t bring all that much to the show and really wasn’t a great housewife but… I think she could actually help improve the dynamic a bit.

    After everything that happened with the other women I’m sure she would be a friend for Garcelle and help rile up the remaining flop force five even more.

    In an ideal world there’s a major shake up and there’s no need for her but I have an awful feeling we’ll only be looking at losing Rinna.
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  5. I think Diana and her boyfriendson are a dead-cert, has there been a newbie in years who's gotten such a bad reaction her first season?
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  6. Fans are begging Garcelle on Twitter to watch herself where Sheree is concerned. They seem to think Sheree would stab her in the back to get on the show full-time and...I'm not sure they're wrong. She's too in with Erika and Rinna.
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  7. Sheree has a strange energy… surely Garcelle has some better backup
  8. I fully believe she would throw away her friendship with Garcelle to be a Housewife.

    She’s on her IG everyday begging for people to send her “blessings” to her CashApp and she’s apparently under investigation for selling fake designer bags bought out of Chinatown and sold on her website as “Secondhand”.
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  9. Sheree has been a bit of a flop so far (fair enough she was absent from the last episode due to covid/getting bitten by a rat at Rinna's House),
    unless she stands out on the Aspen Trip, I can't see her coming back.
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  10. Would she ever be invited back though? Andy Cohen seems to hate her nn
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  11. Dddd. I just can't imagine them having sex at all.
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  12. Yeah, I've thought about it for a few weeks now but I agree with you. She's too neutral to be kept for another season. Friends of that usually end up full time normally leave an imprint on the group in their first season, get involved in the drama and give us something. Sheree is too kumbaya and zen. Also now linked in with the fact that she's furthering this narrative that nobody likes Garcelle because of Sutton... a major disappointment all round.

    Kick Sheree off and give Jennifer Tilly her "friend of" spot. It's the best of both worlds, she's eccentric and could be a great ally for Sutton to bounce off of instead of Sutton constantly getting targeted every week by the other ladies.
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  13. Between Sheree and Diarrhea Jenkins I'm getting the Banality of Evil teas.
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  14. It would be my absolute dream for Jennifer Tilly to join the cast as a Friend Of
  15. I think she would be a great "friend of" addition, she'd throw us some high camp moments, interesting talking points and while I don't believe she is the argumentative type, she strikes me as someone who is willing to hold the ladies feet to the fire if they are in the wrong.
  16. Not the banality of evil!!!
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  17. Hmmm. People also said Sheree would be an amazing addition to the show.
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  18. [​IMG]
    I am reserving full judgement

    But I take it back
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  19. They did? I never knew a thing about her to judge her on aside from her being a friend of Garcelle's.
  20. To be fair, considering the dire Beverly Hills cast we’ve been stuck with for years, it’s worth believing just about any addition would be amazing.
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