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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Not Kathy asking for food and complaining about thats all she gets at Crystal’s when all she gave Kyle was a potato.
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  2. "I have worked with the homeless. I have worked with the toothless."
  3. I feel like in the middle of the night I’m going to hear Kathy saying “toothless and homeless, homeless and toothless.”
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  4. I have rewatched Kathy breaking character and laughing when Garcelle called out Rinna and Diana’s bullshit at least 100 times already.
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  5. This episode had some genuinely funny moments thanks to Kathy. It’s what the show needs when the likes of Erika, Rinna, Diana and Dorit have barely an ounce of sense of humour between them.

  6. I've only seen a couple for clips, but the Flops have definately turned against Kathy.
    You can already tell they've decided to take her down, because she gets on with Garcelle more, maybe?
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  7. Absolutely. They're so obvious and bitter. Kathy, meanwhile, is genuinely brilliant. The comedian in her!
  8. At this point I feel that the fans hatred is theirs Garmonbozia.
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  9. Queen Garcelle gathered Erika and it looks like Garcelle is NOT letting up next week. Erika and Dorit really tried it with Garcelle but I’m glad she’s calling it out then and there. When Garcelle volleyed back to Lisa at the Homeless and Toothless dinner was an absolute *chefs kiss*. Lisa being a complete mess with Sutton yet again should be enough for everyone else to see how unhinged she is. One thing that surprised me is how the Flop Force have already sharpened their fangs for Kathy.

    I skipped Kyle’s solo scene… I don’t care about you or your birthday or your catholic/Jewish “woes”.
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  10. I get the feeling that they are sensing their coordinated attacks on Sutton and Garcelle have fallen apart in real time, so they kind of had no choice for their bullying tactics other than Kathy now because that's what Lois would have wanted.

    Also, this was the first good episode of the season. Too_little_too_late.mp3
  11. God how I wish Garcelle was more petty. If Erika tried that defense about it being her own life so Garcelle shouldn't be concerned, do you know how quickly I'd remind her about how her antics were aimed at my children? You have the upper hand Garcelle, get her ass!!!
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  12. The Flops just really don’t know what to do when they have more than one target. Honestly, just thank god for Garcelle. I think Sutton still entertains them way too much.

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  13. The way Kathy said to Garcelle that her husband thinks she's on "The Garcelle Show" - in front of the cast. Cackle! Shriek! Chortle!
  14. I cannot believe the producer's let Rinna drag out she-got-caught-freeloading-to-Elton-John's-event Gate for FIFTEEN EPISODES.

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  15. The ending and entire last stretch had such weird energy. It seemed to me like that ending was supposed to be some sort of hot mic moment with Kathy not caring about charity but the Homeless Not Toothless thing has been a viral meme for the last week so the entire audience is on Kathy's side already?

    Erika saying she felt closest to the women sitting around her and Garcelle exasperatingly saying "GOD I know you all say it every other day" feels like the closest they've gotten to actually acknowledging the alliance on screen. I think we're fully at a dead end with the dynamics in this group and this sort of stalemate group event is forcing production's hand for a casting shakeup.
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  16. The opening minutes were a season highlight.

    Garcelle clocking Rinna’s bullshit was IT.
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  17. I've been a little surprised at how Kathy is able to make it out of her problematique moments unscathed. Especially after the Lizzo thing I was expecting her to get dragged to hell and back, but I guess Bravo fans have no misconceptions about who she is, we're just desperate for some good fucking television.
  18. I can already guess where it'll go...
    1/ Erika will get rightfully called to task about those earrings
    2/ Erika will flip out awfully
    3/ Kathy will have her flip out and leave Aspen
    4/ Erika and Lisa will claim Kathy's said all of these things, off camera to distract from Erika's flip out.
    5/ Kathy will say she said some of them (hopefully dragging Kyle with some home truths)
    6/ Kathy will resolve that with Kyle
    7/ Erika and Lisa will go all out to destroy Kathy at the Reunion, Kyle will cry but not support Kathy at all.
    8/ The audience will stay on Kathy's side throughout
    End Of Season

    Only Kathy or Rinna will be back next year.
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  19. I mean, Kathy could call Kyle a sentient pile of toenail clippings and the audience would still be on her side at this point. The Flop Farts will have absolutely no actual ammunition, no matter what they claim occurred.

    Diarrhea Jenkins and Greas-a Ratna have to go.
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  20. Kathy has me on the floor, I don’t think I’ve ever genuinely laughed at BH like I did with last nights episode. I’d let her call me a phag. Sawry.
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