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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Kathy is able to override controversy because as much as we're all absolutely certain she's performing, that everything we see is a carefully constructed persona for the camera, there's that one bit of doubt...that maybe she really is doddery, can't see, and loses her phone constantly. It's that gray space Kathy exists in which keeps her insulated from the backlash. That and she's just really likable, perhaps?
  2. I hope Kathy has a booth at Bravocon where faggots can go to be called faggots by Kathy Hilton. That would have me considering a ticket.
  3. Kathy is probably a horrible person but she’s so fun to watch. Everyone clowning The Homeless & Toothless Association for the Toothless Homeless Who Are Toothless was the first time this season where everyone removed the sticks from their ass. And of course, Phoenix yelling at PK to mind his business while Dorit roller skates across the house was a 10/10 performance for everyone involved.

    Maybe I enjoyed the episode. Sue me!
  4. I did not get this impression at all. I think the editors are laughing with us at the charity name and are presenting Kathy as funny.

    I don't think the cast needs a shake up at all. I think they're all a hoot. I haven't been enjoying Garcelle, but even I thought watching her collect Rinna was hilarious, and Rinna has become a major favorite of mine over the past few episodes.
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  5. Okay Amelia.
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  6. [​IMG]
    I love @lilylu and @Lego
  7. The way all I could think towards the end of that episode was:


  8. They really have come alive in these group settings but it’s such a bore sitting through most of the solo scenes.

    It’s a bit of shame some of the arguments are centred around the same things and we’re just not moving forward but I’m feeling optimistic about the trip.
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  9. I am all for controversial opinions, but I draw the line at the Rinna stanning.
  10. Yes, stanning Rinna is no longer an opinion. It’s wrong.
  11. It's one of those entertainment vs good people things. I had major laughs at her drunkenly exploding at Sutton after having a whole apology lunch. I'm not on her side or saying she was right. I'm just saying she was making me laugh! For all the wrong reasons! I don't think Sutton deserved it, or Garcelle in this episode. I just thought the situations she created were stupidly funny tv.
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  12. This has been a good Rinna season. She’s so hilariously volatile. I can’t wait to see the next reason she invents to scream down Sutton.
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  13. Very Rinna like to make a bold statement then backtrack when challenged

    Next you'll be saying that @johnny_tsunami is close to death
  14. Also I should get my bit of Erika stanning in and say that she has looked STUNNING the past couple of episodes. Spending most of her income on glam was the right call.
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  15. I stand by my statement! I'm loving Rinna! It's just a difference between stanning and agreeing with someone in TV vs just finding them and their actions funny. I wouldn't be sitting there cosigning their statements and actions. I genuinely appreciate what most of these people bring to the show. They're so transparent about coming for Sutton and causing issues with her, even thought they're mostly in the wrong for it. But I love that they do it because watching Sutton argue and get backed into a corner is so fun! (Which isn't an anti-Sutton statement at all, I love her too!)
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  16. I can't stand Rinna when she's so obviously trying to make moments...
    Her getting actually angry by how well Sutton and now Garcelle are handling themselves against her/them, is a joy to view mind.
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  17. Here's my issue.

    I HATE Erika, I find her morally heinous, but this season she has entered unhinged pantomime villain territory, so I don't mind if she gets another season, plus I want to see her Downard Spiral towards bankruptcy and her constant attempt at a redemption failing, also a villain is a necessary evil in franchises as this, so...

    Rinna is not entertaining, she has delivered the same M.O. for too much, does not make sense and drags story for too damn long, for someone who claims they are understanding the assignment she sure doesn't. She needs to go. ENOUGH.
  18. Erika acting all moral with Kathy finding the Homeless and Toothless name amusing when a few episodes back she was literally mocking somebodies eating disorder to their face…
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  19. I don't want to word this as "Erika didn't mock Crystal's eating disorder" because she pretty much did, but I don't think Erika was... meaning to mock Crystal's eating disorder? I guess is what I would say? I'm not trying to defend what she said at all but I think she is just ignorant and stupid. I think any of them acting morally outraged over people laughing about the name "Homeless Not Toothless" is wild, because that name is hilarious.
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  20. This was absolutely the episode the Flop Force set their targets onto Kathy. From her giggling with Garcelle at the charity dinner to the whole Toothless and Homeless bit (which was utterly hysterical), the Coven have identified another outsider they can go after following endless failures to take out Garcelle and Sutton.

    This episode benefited from plenty of Kathy and Garcelle being on utterly fine form. The former was clearing Rinna, Diana and Erika and didn't even break a sweat doing it. They literally cannot take her down despite all their usual tactics and repeated efforts, its glorious.
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