The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

This was absolutely the episode the Flop Force set their targets onto Kathy. From her giggling with Garcelle at the charity dinner to the whole Toothless and Homeless bit (which was utterly hysterical), the Coven have identified another outsider they can go after following endless failures to take out Garcelle and Sutton.

This episode benefited from plenty of Kathy and Garcelle being on utterly fine form. The former was clearing Rinna, Diana and Erika and didn't even break a sweat doing it. They literally cannot take her down despite all their usual tactics and repeated efforts, its glorious.
Here's my issue.

I HATE Erika, I find her morally heinous, but this season she has entered unhinged pantomime villain territory, so I don't mind if she gets another season, plus I want to see her Downard Spiral towards bankruptcy and her constant attempt at a redemption failing, also a villain is a necessary evil in franchises as this, so...

Rinna is not entertaining, she has delivered the same M.O. for too much, does not make sense and drags story for too damn long, for someone who claims they are understanding the assignment she sure doesn't. She needs to go. ENOUGH.

Erika is vile but there's absolutely more mileage watching her further descend into darkness and utterly lacking the optics of just how horrid she is. Despite all her best efforts, she's transforming further and further into a total camp villain.

Erika, unknowingly, is making decent TV.

On the other hand, Rinna is trying to make good TV but trying too hard, having fallen so deep into the persona she's made that she's ironically not remotely entertaining. She's just caught in such a loop of rinse and repeat patterns, its tiring, predictable and far too obvious.
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I don't want to word this as "Erika didn't mock Crystal's eating disorder" because she pretty much did, but I don't think Erika was... meaning to mock Crystal's eating disorder? I guess is what I would say? I'm not trying to defend what she said at all but I think she is just ignorant and stupid. I think any of them acting morally outraged over people laughing about the name "Homeless Not Toothless" is wild, because that name is hilarious.

I mean she literally laughed in her face and said she couldn’t have a burger after just having a conversation with her about her eating disorder and making herself sick.

I don’t disagree that it was very ignorant but my point was just she felt comfortable to make a joke about somebodies eating disorder but felt utterly disgusted at Kathy finding the name “Homeless not Toothless” amusing. It just seems very hypocritical to me.
People that are still enjoying Rinna are beyond help.

As I already said, it's very

Literally, the only women I like to watch on the show. I’m including “cashapp blessing” Sheree in “the show”. I can’t yet pin point it yet about Sheree but I can’t stand her.

Her face was in two seconds of footage this week. She's not really giving much at all.