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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

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  2. Wait a second...

    Maybe they do need LVP as a guest next year
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  3. Ok I haven’t seen this week yet but YES at these factions.
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  4. Not the most interesting dynamic shift happening in the last episode!
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  5. The Kathy vs Rinna conversation was so cringeworthy, with Rinna pushing it. Of course, I would have loved to have seen Kathy blow up on her (because you know she wanted to), but I’m also happy she didn’t give Rinna any ammunition.

    The finale looks interesting. Delightful if Rinna gets exposed as the one who leaked everything to bloggers at the reunion.

    Also, Erika’s “I don’t know how to do that” is laughable. Girl knows how to get a story out there!
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  6. yOuR sisTeR’s pUnisHinG yoU - how I feel whenever I get the notification “@johnny_tsunami mentioned you in the thread The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”
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  7. Does Binna truly understand the meaning of gaslighting?
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  8. It won't happen but if Kyle finally realises the other Flops have been playing her since Season 9 to control the show she thought she was controlling...
    I mean Erika and Rinna definately initiated the LVP, Denise and, utterly failed this season, Sutton and Kathy take downs
  9. I am low key here for Kyle vs Erika and Rinna but the bar is truly in the deepest trenches of the globe so I’m sure Rinna will produce a single tear in the reunion and Koyle will forgive her.

    Fire them all
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  10. Me watching the latest episode after seeing this preview and completely forgetting that Diana was part of the cast... Was she even in the finale?
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  11. Hopefully this will lead to an Erika/Binna takedown of Koyle next season
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  12. I thought this week was largely a good episode bar Erika’s therapy/Popeye’s with Sutton. Rinna’s dramatics at the Pretty Mess Hair event (side note: is that really a good brand name for a hair line?) were a kii - “I have sent [Kathy] blessings and prayers through my heart.” Where the fuck does she come up with this stuff?

    I just know Elliot Mintz coached Kathy in advance of that sitdown because something tells me there’s no way in hell she’d be apologizing and being this contrite if it wasn’t on camera.
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  13. You are so evolved.
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  14. The look Kathy gave silent Kyle when Rinna said "I don't want to say you need help Kathy, but I think you need some help". Oof.
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  15. While I would have loved Kathy to rip into Rinna it was more satisfying that she didn’t. I wouldn’t have minded her calmly reminding her of when she tried to choke Kim though since she is so traumatized by Kathy apparently.
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  16. Okay this episode was...great? I gasped multiple times. Kathy absolutely sent me. I hope she said everything Rinna’s accused her of because I’ll stan even more.

    Rinna is getting more deranged as it goes on. On one hand, I can’t wait for next week and the reunion. On the other I know that if it’s being set up for a fall out with Kyle she has essentially locked in another season.
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  17. The dynamics are really shifting for the first time in years as Flop Force eats each other alive. Choke you horrid bunch.
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  18. The thing i actually can't stand with Rinna is how self produced she is and how she can not hide it. Yes of course, she will be self produced but like everytime she initiates these messy sitdowns, i see every wheel turning in her head and feeling her oats about how she will become the fan favorite.

    This week's moment with Kathy.. She overproduced herself too much there (and the week prior) and what was supposed to be a homerun, now has been fully blown in her face. And i can't even enjoy this Schadenfreude because she is terminally joyless. She can't even get these moments right. If she was the girl she thought and hyped herself to be she would not have parachuted Erika out of her fight against Crystal, Garcelle and Kyle. Therefore i can't at these opinions declaring she did something other than doing silly faces and uttering cringy rehearsed lines when she could have done a lot of things in a situation with real stakes and drama. Other than Diana (is this woman still here?) she is the only person that absolutely has to go. I'm fine with everybody else being there for the next season.

    I hope Bravo folds her up, thanks her for her service and sends her to her own journey with her rat infested house after the reunion. That is what Lois would have wanted.
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  19. @Bobbyrae becoming the Taylor to @Oceandrive and I’s Shannon and Tamra, forming a new Tres Amigas (since Vicki/@Jesus Jugs was put out to pasture) to stan the Beverly Heathens!? We love to see it.
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  20. I need Dorito to jump in for Kyle (and her man).

    Speaking of, Queen slowly taking out the lemon carcass by hand as Rinna spouted nonsense and we got a clip of Kathy’s “quote” that Dorit is an idiot. Masterful!
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