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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. If you only knew how long @Oceandrive has been trying to make this happen! She raised me!
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  2. I’ll take three Belvederes with lemon carcass out to celebrate. Cheers girls xx
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  3. Kyle basically confirms in the After Show that all of the rumours online about what Kathy said in the club were false. Crystal says the drama was like "drunk girls in a club" kind of drama and not that big of a deal... which is probably the most accurate description of it.

    Rinna is and will continue to get roasted I'm assuming.

  4. As a palate cleanser, here's the only iconic thing that Lisa Rinna has produced:

  5. Thank god the sit down came at the halfway mark and we finally got it out of the way. Kathy came across...really well? Like she fully apologized, didn't make excuses and refused to give Rinna an inch with how she started pathologizing Kathy's intentions. Also I'm convinced production is pulling the rug out from under Rinna finally with Kathy's confessional about Rinna snapping on Kim + the flashback. She's cooked, girls.

    Crystal's "who do I believe right now? I believe Kathy" + her confessional in the Never Before Seen footage from last episode makes her position clear and I wish we actually saw it in the main episode especially after all of the Diana footage they deemed worthy of making the cut throughout the season.

    The best moment of the episode was either Kathy ripping out flowers from Kyle's driveway and proceeding to present them as an apology gift at Kyle's door, or Sutton's confessional

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  6. The shot of Kathy's ice cold glare at Rinna whilst a single tear runs down her cheek. It should be in the Louvre.
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  7. I thought last night was entertaining and Kathy handled it expertly. If Kyle really does ride for Kathy and call out Ricky and Rat next week? I may have to allow her continued presence. Garcelle, Sutton and Crystal all being completely uninvested in Rinna’s theatrics just shows why they are the future of the cast. Dorit and Erika (and Diarrhea) can’t help but indulge her which is why the dynamic has remained putrid for seasons.
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  8. Followed by toothless not homeless
  9. I can't even be surprised by that knowing where she grew up and who she surrounds herself with.
  10. The Diana parody account on Twitter gives me life everyday.
  11. This season finally getting going 50 episodes in...I would've scrapped everything before Aspen and made them keep filming.
  12. Sutton worked her ass off in the first 35 episodes of the season and I’m happy she gets to finally relax, even if it means breaking Popeye’s biscuits with the Shitty Mess.
  13. Crystal is being done dirty by the edit, truly. She's very personable and funny. The main edit cuts her out almost totally. But I'm never surprised at the decisions made by production.
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  14. Someone does something questionable...
    The Flops leak the story...
    The person stops showing up for filming group scenes.
    The group spend a scene whinging about them not turning up, when it's some of their own fault, and deny themselves a decent confrontation.
    The LVP/Denise/Kathy Pattern is right there.

    Kathy turning up in a leopard print skirt, a peace t-shirt and pulling apart Kyle's garden on the way in... actually apologising and decently explaining herself, and leaving instead of giving Rinna any more effort than she deserves.
    It's quite iconic behaviour if you ask me (as was her supposed Dorit drag, and the fact she didn't have a bad word to say about Garcelle)

    (And the footage of Kathy calling the DJ a Fag)
  15. Here’s the clip from the after show I was talking about:

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  16. She had « dialogue to remember », can’t wait to see Lindsay have her 30 sec in Halloween Ends.
  17. Gosh Kyle actually having Kathy's back like a real sister...

    I'm shooketh
  18. Crystal has had a great couple of episodes. I love her disdain for Erika, support of Kathy, the cultural element she brings (her lewk at the 20’s party? Snatched!!) and her clocking how stanning Michael Jackson in 2022 isn’t the move.
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