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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. It's kind of hilarious how desperate this woman is when her yearly tactics blow up in her face.
  2. Kathy handled the situation VERY WELL. Both between Lisa and her own sister. Props for that honestly.

    If at a point you keep digging even after someone has genuinely apologised like that - the problem is actually you, RATNA!
  3. Kathy did do well but why is nobody mentioning the my friend has terrible cancer and briefly sobbing before course correcting when she realised it wasn’t working dddd
  4. Also Kathy is definitely still angry about how Rinna came for Kim from previous years. That's a good sister. Not being besties with them instead like Kyle.

    But it's good that now it seems like Kyle knows how to defend her sisters. She better learn!
  5. Think it was this guy, so I do think she was genuinely upset about it.

    I’ve only just seen this now, but did Rinna steal the “pillar of his community” from this to describe Kathy? dddd
  6. Yeah, those tears looks the most genuine I've seen all Season
  7. More genuine than Erika Streep in that Zoom call with the therapist?
  8. The persistent pending update notification on Erika's laptop for the duration of her Zoom session was the most relatable thing I've ever seen on this show.
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  9. I can't wait for this season to be over and for the housewives franchises that are actually good to step into the fore!
  10. Concept: Rinna exits, Sutton becomes Erika's bestie and they go after an unprotected Kyle for being a fake bitch.
  11. Potomac, Salt Lake City and Miami living while Beverly Hills is dying!
  12. Honestly as problematic as Yolanda was (but then again it's Housewives...), she was a great housewife, she had the girls pressed when she showed up (even Lvzzz).
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  13. Rinna has totally embarrassed herself this season. She has been erratic on social media because she knows she can't spin her fake stories.
  14. Rinna is at the top of her game, better than ever.
  15. Where?
  16. You need to figure out where all this darkness comes from with Beverly Hills. You need to look inside, DEEP INSIDE, and see why you have a BLACK HEART @Lego !

    In all seriousness though, this is definitely not Rinna anywhere near her peak. She was boring for most of the season, had random explosions which felt more soap opera than ever before and most of her drama was on social media. Not entertaining.

    I will say this is her most successful takedown… of herself. And I’m grateful for that.
  17. Sutton destroyed any of Lisa's histeronics forever when she explained how the soap actress never leaves her body.

    Staked, done, seal the coffin and lower it in
  18. Kyle really is on an island by herself

  19. I could have understood this if you were saying this for Erika, but Rinna is getting dragged left and right, her big moment has been blown in her face and even the fans who watch this for drama and mess, want her off.

    It is time to let the mouse go. We all had our fun but let her go.
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