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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Fascinating.

    I wonder if all of a sudden we all start saying we stan Rinna, you would switch sides and start stanning Garcelle or Sutton. You can’t honestly think this is a good season for the rat queen.
  2. I'll admit that I shamefully used to love Rinna. I bought a used copy of Rinnavation when it was out of print for the kiis and there was a time I'd have given her a disgustingly high score in a housewives rate because she was a fantastic agent of chaos.

    Those days are long gone. She's a shadow of herself and to consider this her prime is . . . very season 5-6 Rinna behaviour so I guess I support @Lego 's right to this black hearted opinion, but simply can't agree with it.
  3. I wanna swap Rinna’s black heart for Carlton’s black magic.
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  4. I already like Sutton!
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  5. The way Kyle storms through a crowd at a party to reach some handbags while dramatic music plays in the background is the reason I can't quit this stupid as fuck show.
  6. Is the game Snakes And Ladders?
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  7. The sheer unhinged desperation flowing gives me hope she was shut down at the reunion and is completely imploding.
  8. Well she’s right, she is like a cockroach.
  9. Wow she is truly on top her of game! The girls are shook im sure
  10. Not making her the bad guy - very Petty Minaj energy right there!

    As Queen Garcelle once said: I don't have to make you look bad, YOU CAN DO THAT ON YOUR OWN!
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  11. The game in question

  12. She needs to get a life!
  13. I can smell the dead rat breath emanating from this post.
  14. It’s amazing Rinna has trained the rats to form that helmet on her head.
  15. I have to say, the dynamic between Kyle and Kathy is fascinating to watch, and for once I can absolutely see why Kim's sister would be hurt, the fact that it does seems she sided with the RAT over her sister is shitty, but... we'll see!

    Of course the rat was so self serving and tried to produce this whole story, I cannot believe that Kathy would go around and say she thinks Crystal and Sutton should get fired and that she would take down NBC... the whole thing sounds so exaggerated and made up.

    I also absolutely believe the rat leaked it to the press.

    Overall this season really lampshaded the big issue in the dynamics and the blatan double standards, but most of all, it really showed the big issue is the fact that there is ZERO fun, which is the biggest problem with the show.
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  16. They are directly sabotaging Crystal with the edit and it's very bizarre. In the Never Before Scene footage, she comes across as smart, funny, and warm. This is including the most recent episode. The difference between her in the final edit and these "uncut" episodes is stark and undeniable. I'm really wondering what the deal is behind the scenes, because it's too targeted and consistent to be nothing. I've really grown to adore her watching these extended scenes.
  17. The editing this season is so confusing, the whole thing about Garcelles book got dropped to and lots of Crystal scenes have been cut from the trailer including her argument with Lisa in Aspen and sitdown following it.
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  18. Garcelle's book didn't get thrown in the trash until after the Season had finished filming...

    A fair bit of drama has happened post filming, which will no doubt play into the Reunion feelings

    We need that trailer NOW.

    I felt they were doing Crystal dirty with the edit last year, let alone this year, it's like the producers want to suck fun out if the episodes sometimes, and the camera work is nowhere need as good as Season 11's. Someone decent must have left.
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  19. I agree that Crystal's edit is being botched BUT her being actual friends with Cocaina Lickity-Lips McGillicuddy is still a massive red flag for me.

  20. Ms Myers would destroy the Rat at a Reunion
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