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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Rinna's facetune is working harder than the rats.
  2. Erika and Dorit's...
  3. All of those looks are disgusting. The rats won.
  4. I would love for Rinna to be cut just to have Denise come back fast tracking Rinna’s descent into madness.

  5. I'm ready for Mom to let them have it, and we love a Rinna drag
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  6. Facetune actually commenting on that photo too. Iconic.
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  7. It kills me that they refuse to give Beverly Hills a themed reunion, but I actually like all of those looks. Garcelle's is questionable, but the pictures she posted sitting down, it looks great and her hair is fabulous. It's just so weird that they NEVER look like they're going to the same place. I believe RHOBH is the only franchise to never have a themed reunion.
  8. D**n*'s reunion look dropped
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  9. Not me taking an age to work out who you were talking about.
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  10. Who did this to Garcelle? I want to talk.
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  11. A8A741C1-B0DE-4107-93D1-9726D4AF0E03.jpeg
  12. I know it’s not the point but Kathy’s outfit is hilarious.
  13. I'm not mad at Garcelle dressing like she was cast in The VVitch and is about to churn butter for Satan.
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  14. I have to say a close-up view of Garcelle's outfit really changed my opinion. From the chest up (where the camera will focus) will look good onscreen, I think.
  15. Me putting on a cute top with some bleach stained sweatpants for another day of Zoom meetings
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  16. Waiting for the trailer to drop and start with something like
    "In a Housewives first, we have a five part Reunion..."


    I'm excited for the finale
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  17. Me too. It’s like finally making it to the end of the Oregon Trail after 10 broken limbs and 20 bouts of whooping cough.
  18. So I'm caught up. The Lisa Rental, Dorito, and Erika train must end because I've had enough. The hypocrisy with this group is astounding and that's saying something with the amount of shit we have consumed from these franchises over the years.
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  19. Where is the reunion trailer
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  20. Dorit - someone who USED to serve lewks, choosing to wear THAT at the reunion. She belongs in the Flop Five.
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