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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Making it to the end of this season makes us braver than the US marines. Hold me, girls.
  2. Nowhere to be found and you ain’t getting it tonight either!!!

  3. The reunion is so bad that they don’t want to air it! They just showed us their outfits so we can get our final drags in before they lock Rinna in a closet with Lucy Lucy Apple Juice.
  4. The closet contains:
    - Lucy Lucy Apple Juice.
    - Marisa Zanuck.
    - The chicken salad Kim mixed with her hands.
    - Kyle's cursed computer monitor.
    - That one mermaid, still flopping around.
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. It’s what Lois would’ve wanted
  7. Well we made it to the end girls, what an awful season it’s been.

  8. The fact this season will have lasted a half a year by the time the reunion finishes. It feels like three years.
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  9. I am thankful for a couple of things:
    - Crystal and Garcelle joining forces to get Erika to show her real self
    - Drunk and medicated "go pee on the new girl" Erika
    - Sutton having the heifers at every confrontation until Aspen
    - Kathy calling a DJ a faggot because he wouldn't play Billy Jean and nobody else would conga
  10. God what a boring season for the most part. It just feels like very little actually happened. Even the built-up Aspen drama fell flat.

    If they bring back this entire cast again next season and don't bother doing any revamping, I'm so done.

    Also, Sheree has to be one of the most boring, useless Friends of on any franchise. She contributed absolutely nothing.
  11. Worse, she laughed along with Erika and Diana after Diana branded Sutton a See You Next Tuesday. I found Sheree and lost her again underwhelming.
  12. Sheree brought absolutely nothing other than an attempt at using Garcelle as an in on the show. My Hand In Your Bag (until my friend contract isn’t renewed)
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  13. Not Dorothy’s ruby slippers!
  14. Wow Rinna shows she’s even more a piece of shit.
  15. Thank god for Faye, teebs.
  16. I don't know how on Earth anyone could call this season boring.

    Amazing finale. I guffawed at Lisa saying if she held it in she would get cancer and die.
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  17. That one thousand percent shows she has completely lost it.
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  18. This was a pretty great episode. Whoever said they should've scrapped everything before Aspen & kept filming was right. This is the content we've been waiting for.
  19. I cannot wait to watch this.

    I’m here to continue semi-stanning this shit show season. Who begs to diffah!

  20. Despite the season taking 400 years to get going, the finale was actually great. Everything is setting up nicely for Kyle to cross over to #TeamSoldiersForChrist but I’m fully expecting her to tearfully make up with Erika and Rinna at the reunion and then throw Garcelle and Sutton under the bus.
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