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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I've enjoyed this season a lot.

    Kyle really likes Garcelle and especially Sutton. It isn't portrayed much on the show but I've noticed several instances of Kyle letting down her guard and showing her affection for Sutton. She even said it in the last aftershow that she was close to them. I think she knows Rinna is probably going so needs to jump ship, she has managed to keep afloat for a long time.
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  2. The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick making an appearance at the 11th hour and having Kathy’s back like a real sister. She really said no matter how many Chanels that Rinna and Erika borrow, they will never be ladies!
  3. Overall, a somewhat decent season for Beverly Hills. It has definitely dragged in places, but there’s been some genuinely interesting conflict and the finale was surprisingly good as well, with Rinna and Erika scrambling.

    Last season was obviously miles better, but the reunion was dogshit. I hope this reunion is worth it, because on paper, it has a lot going for it with how the finale ended.

    Now, if it all ends with a firing of Lisa Rinna… BEST SEASON EVER!

    Ooop and finally, Garcelle was so good this episode!! And I really hated how Rinna said she had an attitude and was like, “why are you so opinionated?”. Gross.
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  4. I meaning if Ms LaToya is wading in
  5. Rinna: Good. It was...good. It was a good thing. Good. It was good. Good. Good. It's good. Good.

    Garcelle: GOOD.
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  6. The finale was kinda amazing?! Those moments between Garcelle and Kyle were geniunely nice to see and Garcelle was truly on the money regarding dumb and dumber trying to drag this out to deflect from their own shitty behaviour. The audacity to say with a straight that Rinna (1) was somewhat looking out for Kyle and (2) that she herself would get cancer if she were to not air this out. Worms rats!

    I can't stop laughing at this scene. Like deers in headlights!
  7. Why does this awful fucking shit show hook me back in with an amazing finale?? I hate that I will never be able to quit these cursed wenches and their faggot magic!!!!

    Also, now we know why Rinna and Kyle are across from each other at the reunion. Andy said the reunion trailer is dropping today, so we won't have to wait too much longer. Why am I anticipating this!!! Give me five parts of misery, Bravo!!
  8. These people are useless. One of their publicists leakes info and we get it on the finale? And no one really goes to task to confront Erika about it? Like… where is production??

    Also Rinna, when you think she can’t go any lower… says she might get cancer from being pushy and annoying about a stupid meltdown.
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  9. The footage of Erika's publicist trying to paint him as some super sleuth extracting info... When he's just standing around at an event his client is hosting. I have no choice but to laugh.
  10. I've enjoyed this series for the most part. Diana wasn't a satisfying addition and Crystal is edited out of existence, so we're not seeing the full dynamic, but my goodness the relationship between Kyle/Kathy is enthralling and Rinna's inability to defeat Garcelle/Sutton is making her spiral. The bots incident, however, is one of the most evil things to take place around this franchise. There has to be a change somewhere, a shake-up of sorts.
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  11. Real Besties Jennifer Tilly and Sutton on WWHL is what dreams are made of. I'm so happy Andy finally seems to like and enjoy Sutton this Season
  12. That entire episode was a gag!

    The scream I let out when Dorit’s burglary trauma pic popped up at the end. I need her to side with Kyle and battle for her life at the reunion.
  13. If they manage to finesse season 13 being Rinna & Erika vs Kyle, Kathy, Garcelle & Sutton... I hope the non-believers in here are now seeing Kyle as a valuable player - she is completely integral and carried a lot of the back-half of the season.

    Probably all BS but apparently Leah Remini, Tamera Mowry, Kimora Lee Simmons and Brooke Burke are in discussions for next season, and it's rumoured Denise is the Housewife Andy mentioned would be a surprising return. Bravo want a big name after a few years of unknowns (Sutton, Crystal, Diana) especially if Rinna's out.
  14. I've often fantasized about La Toya on this show. She was so cute at Pandora's wedding and through various reality shows she's proven she has a fascinating personality. She also had great chemistry with Kathy on her reality show where Kathy appeared as her side kick. I'd love to see her repay the favor by doing that for Kathy here.

    La Toya may seem sweet and quiet, but she will check a bitch in a millisecond if they get out of line. She would send Lisa Rinna RUNNING!
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  15. That was a really great episode for Kyle and a great finale overall.

    It’s hilarious that Erika is so deluded she thinks she’s a bigger name than Kathy fucking Hilton. Rinna and Erika simultaneously acting like the hyenas from The Lion King and two deers caught in headlights was camp.
  16. Or that her numerous meltdowns and tantrums compare to ONE bad moment from Kathy... Insanity.
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  17. I'm glad Ultimate Girls' Trip Kyle finally showed. She can be that girl if she wants to be!

    Also, even if every single person gangs up on Rinna and she ends up looking like even more of an idiot...I cannot stand even one more regular episode with Rinna, much less another season. Her voice. Face. Antics. I'm so tired. I grow tired.
  18. Rinna can take Dorit with her on her way out dd. I'm sorry but she will not ever give half of what she was in season 7.
  19. Why is reading this making me want to get my Kyle Card laminated and I haven’t even seen the episode yet sksksks. That’s my Capricorn sister being useful.
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